Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cosmo Bash 2015 in Photos

Thanks to the bad weather, I wasn't able to go to the carnival-themed Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2015. These photos were borrowed from Alecx Ongcal and Rappler.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Half a Blow

Cam was not really the best employee in my department. Oftentimes, he is late and his performance is average. He is not the best-looking either but he has a pretty damn sexy body, I have to admit. He is short but his athleticism makes up for his lack of height. His screaming pecs and biceps make up for his average looks.

I never really noticed him at first. Sure, I've looked at his ass at least twice since I hired him but he was forgettable. It was when the office agreed to have a 'Very Casual Day' that he started to...shine. He wore a summer attire that's hard to ignore - tight shirt showing off his muscles with beach shorts and Under Armour shoes.

I looked and looked again. I told myself, he's starting to become a bit noticeable. When's the next "Very Casual Day"?

It was easy to flirt with him because everyone knew I was gay. The boys would usually throw a green joke around and I would just smile at them. Cam's jokes were pretty hard to ignore though. One morning, he said something funny about my obvious weight loss then he said something about my ass. "Don't lose too much of that or it won't be worth it." Of course, the girls around us didn't react. It certainly made me squint a little.

Then another time, the girls and I were talking about our type. I told them I've never been fond of super tall guys. Then he asked "So, do I fit your type of guy?" The girls started teasing us and as usual, I changed the subject.

It was only a matter of time before I finally had an opportunity to test the waters even further. One Saturday, our group went to a karaoke bar to celebrate my promotion - which also involves me transferring to a different department (read: he is no longer a subordinate). We sang for hours until we finally quit after all of us got drunk and tired.

Of the 10 people that came, 3 people said they still wanted to have an afterparty. One of them was Cam. He convinced me to join them for a couple more drinks. Of course I said yes!

We went to the condo unit of Gerard with Cam, myself and a girl named Pam. Once we opened the refrigerator, we realized we needed more drinks. Gerard volunteered to go downstairs and Pam went with him because she needed to get some money from the ATM. Cam and I both said we're tired so we stayed in the living room. Perfect.

Okay, we're drunk and probably horny. We said a lot of green jokes, one of them is how much he looked like a penis after he shaved his head.

Me: I swear you look like a penis.
Cam: No!
Me: I swear everytime I see you...
Cam: You wanna masturbate me?
Me: Haha yeah!

That's when he suddenly, put his hand in his shorts and pulled out his erect cock.

Cam: I don't think I look like one. See?

I kept laughing but I don't know what got into me. I just grabbed his cock and stroked it twice while laughing. I let go of it and still fake-laughed.

Then there was silence. He pulled my hand and asked me to stroke it again.

Cam: You better hurry. They'll be back any minute now.

I was immediately on my knees in front of him sucking his cock like we were on a race. He moaned wildly twice and kept covering his mouth. My hands were all over his body. His chest was fucking tight. He had baby nipples which I had to suck for a short time before he pushed my head back down.

Cam: Yeah. Coming. Coming. Coming.

Then Gerard knocked twice. I stood up, wiped my face with my shirt. Cam stood up and put a pillow on his hard on.

Gerard: You guys cool?
Me: Uhm, yeah. We were just....
Cam: Relaxing.


Gerard: Great! Coronas for everyone.
Me and Cam: Great!