Saturday, December 8, 2007

LHAA TURNS 2 =) Thanks to you!

Wow.... time truly flies while you're having a lot of fun. I didn't realize until yesterday that this blog, MY blog, is now 2 years old. I signed up for the original Bravenet site on 8 December 05 and wrote my very first entry on 10 December. If you have time, please go back to the archives and tell me what you think.

Thank you my dear readers! I know I don't update as much as the other bloggers but rest assured that I will continue to write more interesting and exciting stuff for you.

Cheers to Lows, Highs, and Alibis YEAR 3!


  1. Happy Anniversary Kai! More power to you and your writing and you can be sure to count me among the many who support your blog and look forward to future entries.

    I certainly hope to meet you sometime. =D

  2. I could still remember your bravenet blog :) Back then, it only had about less than ten very interesting entries- which got me hooked until now :)

    Tama ka dyan rocky, dapat makilala natin itong taong to.

    Keep up the great bits :)

  3. Happy anniversary Kai ...........looking forward for more years of hot stories to cum! err come!

  4. Hi Kai!

    Am so happy for you. Hope you wouldn't stop writing those beautiful stories for us.

    And may have many more blogyears to come. Happy 2nd year anniverasy to LHAA.

    More power to you!!!

  5. Kai, congrats congrats (ayan 2x!). Been gone from visiting ur blog lately, but hope i havent missed much! :)