Thursday, November 22, 2007

Great Expectations - page 5

Of course, he came back but not until 5 days after what happened to us. When he dropped by, it was too quick. He said, 'I forgot something.' and I handed him his phone. He immediately took off. He came back, after sending a quick text, and then we just found ourselves in the same couch, with me devouring his packed meat while he was enjoying the feeling of having his dick sucked.

It happened not just once, twice, nor thrice. It happened almost everyday after workout. He'd insist on giving me a ride home. To compensate his 'effort', I'd suck his dick until he cums...

One time, we had a minor fight over where he should cum. I feel violated, somehow, when someone cums on my face or my mouth, especially without asking my permission. So when he gives me that look that his balls are about to burst in cum, I immediately take it out of my mouth and grab a towel for him. He resisted, pulling my head closer to his cock, expecting me to follow whatever it is he wanted me to do. I refused, asking him for a little respect, which he eventually denied. He walked out that night and I expected that that was the end of out short-lived affair.

I realized I spoke too soon when he talked to me at the gym one time.

I just nodded.
'How have you been?'
I didn't answer the question and pretended I was panting. I was on the treadmill.
'I'm a jerk, you know?'
'Yes, you are.'
'I'm sorry.'
I was silent.
'I said I'm sorry.'

The treadmill stopped after my 30-minute scheduled cardio. I was panting, sweating. I refused to look at his face because I don't know what to say or what to do or how to react.

'Kai, I don't know what's happening right now. I don't know what's been happening... you know what I mean. But I'm sorry...'

And right then, I pretended to tie my shoelaces, looked up and whispered something to myself...

'Oh crap.'


  1. AYYYYYY! ako ang the First.

    Syanga naman baka naman pwede mo na syang patuwarin (ayyy mali patawarin pala!!!)

    Sige wait na lang ako sa "abangan ang kasunod na kabanata".

  2. Uncomfortable silences are never good. I hope things turn out alright in the end. Man, I hate it when "straight" guys find so much comfort in gay sex. It seems like we do all the work with no great long-term benefits to be proud of. Good luck, mate!

  3. I wonder how this story ends? perhaps by a partnership, hubby till today? ngehehe! :)

  4. I agree with marcus...having sex with a straight guy (if he really is)is such a bummer. They will just take you for granted and foresee you as a one horny creature....but then there's a human sexual progress that we have to consider. If he got used to gay sex then one day if you refuse he'll chase you and the tide shifts..teka wala pang ending diba? hehehe

  5. Isn't it too braggin'? Kai. Somehow I agree with them on How would this story will end?

    Nung una nae-excite ako pero at this moment it was really dif.. the guy yer talking abt has point - He don't know what's been happening... or is it, nagpapa-awa lang siya?

    Sorry if I had a lot of queeries pero, yung lang ang nafi-feel ko bet the two of you. and that's acc to your stories.

    In short the situation your into is really tough.

  6. If you were in my shoes, what would you have done? People told me it should have stopped after the second. The third was just too sinful yet inevitable.

  7. Darling Kai!

    It was not your fault, it's in your nature and God knows he knew about that from the very start and that is according to your story. Let him deal with his crap. Probably you have opened up the Pandora's box in him that's he's not yet ready to succumb into.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd probably have done the same thing. And will leave him the decision making on what to make out of this, anyways you were honest and true when you saw him again.

  8. ohhh no!!
    what happend!!

    ayy bitin.

  9. ahh. the choices we have to make in life(sex!!!! Ang swerte naman.

    To unload upon or not to be unloaded on. Such is the question.