Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Great Expectations - page 3

When he said he reached a 'point', I instantly saw an opportunity. Does this mean he is gay? Is he trying to send me a message? I tried to probe further, ask more questions but he avoided them. He must have thought that it's becoming too obvious... again assuming that he is hiding something from me.

The more we spent time with each other, the more I fell in love with Victor. It was almost like a time machine, bringing us back to when we were little boys, with me trying so hard to catch up with his 'manly' activities while he makes fun of me. We went to the arcade to play games almost everyday like we used to. We even played basketball under the scorching heat of the sun. It was the only time I saw him without his shirt on since grade school.

I decided to make a quick move. I consulted my friends and they all said one thing:

'The best way to know to get the guy drunk.'
'I'm not sure he drinks. He's a health buff.'
'Health buffs drink red wine, don't they?'
'Uhm... but not too much that they'll get drunk I think.'
'You're too damn slow. If it were us, we'd be sharing stories about the guy by now.'

And he was right. So one night, I asked him to come over for some movies. I told him I still have some old pictures that I wanted to show him.

'You wanna see yourself in those hideous shorts?'

The bad: He doesn't drink beer. The good: he preferred something stronger. Damn! Things are going so well I couldn't believe it. He asked for vodka, Bailey's and some margarita mix. Somehow, he made a strange mix that wasn't as good as he expected, but definitely made us drunk in a New York minute.

'You remember the time we jacked off...'
'Yeah top floor. I won... best cum shot.'
'Haha! And I won...'
'The fastest cummer in the world.'
'Damn, somehow I wish I never got that title.'
'Why is that?'
'Cause now we know better--cumming fast isn't as nice as we used to think.'

We were laughing hard. He took off his shirt because he was sweating like crazy.

'Do you mind?'
'Not at all..' I grinned.
'Daniel won the other award.'
'Yeah, the biggest balls award?'
'No, he had the biggest cock.'
'Oh... did he?' I tried to remember.
'Yeah...' He sighed. 'Damn that was huge.'

This is it. We're getting there. I just need to set the mood so he can relax more. He was then very drunk. We were on the couch. He suddenly decided to lie down and rest for a while.

'You want me to help you relax?'

I unbuttoned his shorts and went for the zipper. He tried to stop me.


But I didn't stop. He was helpless. Though he was trying to resist, I was able to pull his shorts down. I started grabbing his cock, which was then very soft. And behind his thin, black boxer brief, I tried to locate it with my wet mouth. He pushed me one time but I held his hand.

He was slowly having a hard on. Something I didn't expect. He kept mumbling something but before he could finish his sentence, I put his cock in my mouth, enjoyed the entire meat that I've always wanted to taste all these years. It was great. It was hard. It was packed with all the goodness that is Victor.

Again, it reminded me of the times we spent in the pool. The number of times we saw each other naked. The times I just sat there looking at his beautiful body, his beautiful cock. The times when I saw him flex every muscle and show me every inch of his manhood, pretending I didn't care or that I didn't mind while I secretly masturbated inside my head.

I sucked him, slowly, beginning with the head, going down slowly, making sure I put every inch of his thick cock in my mouth. It was bliss. And with every deep throat his knees jerked and he moaned like he liked it. I went fot his balls. Put each one in my mouth. And with every touch of my slippery tongue, he yelled, 'No! No!' It made me even more excited. I quickly returned to my first move. The second. The third. Until he screamed he was cumming.

And cum he did. I wiped his cum off my chest and face. I tried to clean him up but he suddenly, he regained strength. He sat on the couch while I was holding the towel, kneeling down in front of him. We exchanged stares for a minute. He had a disgusted look on his face.

The next thing I knew... he stormed out of my apartment.


  1. may page 4 pa kai?!
    wow, that was extremely hot!
    damn.. so hot!

  2. Definitely not the best approach in terms of confirming if your friend was gay or not, although you definitely get points for effort.

    I feel a bit odd about all this since I have a friend that I've always felt strongly for, although not really in a physical sense. I know I could never do this, but curiosity certainly gets the better of me...

  3. Ayyyyy anong nangyari Kai? Ba't nagkaganon? Sayang etet na naging bato pa.........pero at least naka-score ka.

    It's really hard to lose a friend lalong-lalo na sa mga circumstances like this. I just hope na he's just being haunted by his own fears of becoming like us then mapatawad ka rin nya after accepting it.

  4. wow, just discovered outpersonals here. found interesting people online. thanks

  5. At least may explosion sa dulo ng story mo. Sa akin, wiz! Chenkyu jurl talaga ako... *sniff*

  6. Sayang naman Kai.
    Pero ganun nga, if you're drunk... libido goes way up... and then everything turns white kaya nga lang he "stormed out" of the apartment.

    We need a page 4. ^_^

  7. Yes, there's a 4th page in this story

  8. Now Kai, ur a brave little boy, and u really planned all of it! :) You played really hard "all pun intended", hehehe