Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Day I got caught by the police

When George Michael was on Oprah, he already served his sentence in Los Angeles. He allegedly violated the law for indecent exposure. Oprah asked the question: Did you or did you not do it? He narrated that he stopped by a public toilet along Beverly Hills which was apparently a popular gay cruising area. While taking a piss, a man came in and started giving him signals. He vehemently denied doing anything that the police wrote on their report.

He said the next thing he knew, the man introduced himself as a police officer and handcuffed him until they arrived at the police station. He was a victim. I was too.

The same thing happened to me a few years ago. I was watching a movie at a cheap cinema in Makati when someone grabbed my crotch. The man beside me signaled that he wanted some action. I gave in. It was raining and I was horny as hell. I wanted it too.

We started caressing each other's crotch area when a few men passed by. We stopped. Flashlights were directed towards us. We acted like we were bugged and that we don't know each other so they would leave us alone. And so they did.

We went back to what we were doing but was more cautious this time. Since we both got bored, we decided to leave the cinema and screw each other somewhere else. I didn't want to go to a motel and he didn't want to do it in the men's room. So I tried to think of a place. The fire exit!

In that building, the fire exit was as big as a school's hallway. It was dark but the glowing lights of the billboards outside gave us enough light to see where we were going. FOR THE RECORD, we were both fully-clothed and we were a few feet away from each other. He took a piss when suddenly, the door opened and a man with a flashlight yelled, 'DON'T MOVE.'

Scared, I ran downstairs using the stairs of the fire exit. The bars were filthy and filled my hands with dust and dirt. I didn't know where the other guy was. I went down to the 2nd floor. As I opened the door to finally escape, an middle-aged man stopped me and held my arms, and asked me to come with him. Meanwhile, another guard caught the other guy. Later, he told me his name was Paul.

There was a brief interrogation at some corner of the cinema. Thank God he didn't create a scene. He asked for identification and lucky me I was only able to provide my university ID. Paul didn't have one too. All he could present was an international credit card issued in the United Arab Emirates. I learned later on that he just arrived from Dubai and will be back the following week.

After almost an hour of pleading and apologizing, the man just wanted us to admit that we were sucking each other's cocks in the fire escape. Thought, it was the original intention, such incident never occurred when he caught us. I insisted that Paul took a piss. I even asked him to check to see if the floor was wer but he didn't want to. His mind was pretty much closed to the fact that two gay men tried to have sex inside the fire escape area and he was pissed about it.

'If you're not sucking each other then what the fuck were you doing there?'
'He was taking a leak!' I tried to explain it but he didn't want to listen.
'If I go there right now and find out the floor is as dry as desert, I will have you arrested for a bigger crime!'
'Go ahead!' But he didn't want to. He knew the floor was going to be wet in piss.

He took us to the police station two blocks away from the mall. The police station head, who was a tall, rotund guy sat on his podium and started questioning us.

'These two were caught in the fire escape doing something.'
'We weren't doing anything.'
'If you weren't doing anything then I'll file a case for being suspicious characters.'

Behind the police chief, were two shirtless policemen threatening to call the media.

'Tangina nyo mga bakla kayo! Nagchuchupaan kayo sa public pa mga hayuop kayo!'

We sat there quietly.

'Tangina nyo, tatawagan ko media tangina nyo! Papaharap ko kayo sa media.'

The chief shut the men up. He got my ID from the man who was apparently the head of security of the mall, and analyzed the picture. He noticed it was a school ID.

'How old are you, kid?'
'I'm 20.' I lied.
'You know what you..'
'We didn't do any..'
'I know what you tried to do.'
'Just get the fuck out of here and DO NOT ever do that again.'
'Okay sir. Thanks sir.'

We both left. I was speechless. I called my bestfriend to tell her what happened. After snapping back into perspective, I called Paul to see how he was doing.

'You okay?'
'Yeah. That was creepy.'
'And I won't do that again.'
'Your fault. You said it was safe.'
'Not a good time to point fingers.'
'So what now?'
'Where are you?'
'Me too.'
'See you at McDonald's ****?'
'Yeah, sure. Let's do this.'

And so we did.


  1. Grabe talaga ang mga pulis at media. Hindi mapagkakatiwalaan. Mga buwaya. Sa totoo lang labag sa batas ang pagpapakita siyo sa media.

  2. That must have been really unnerving, huh?

  3. maybe they wanted to take advantage of the situation rin. Paul, the guy I met was kind of well-off and it's pretty obvious. maybe they wanted to ask for money but then they saw that i WAS only a student back then so they didn't..

  4. is this more fact than fiction? i have had a share of these kinds of stories, err, not me but a friend of mine. And i have to bail him out of d police station pah, shuts.

    kai, can i be linked here in ur site? forgot to ask u b4 (hehehe)

  5. uhm... that's th beauty of this blog actually.. you have to keep thinking which is fact and which is fiction... haha!

  6. grabe naman..
    really? things like these happend?
    im so naive..

    or maybe you guys are very adventurous. heheh

  7. i experienced an incident like this about 5 years ago. i was a still a malate-going guy back then. i was bored by 2am so i figured i wanted to go home. so i was on taft avenue. a lot of cabs were passing by--some had no passengers, some had passengers looking at me. and then there was police care that passed twice. on the third time, the police car stopped. one of the policemen shouted at me, anong ginagawa mo dyan?" pissed for being shouted at, i shouted back, "naghihintay ng masasakyan."
    "kanina ka pa dyan a," said the policeman.
    "bakit? bawal ba maghintay ng masasakyan dito?"
    "sigurado ka ba na sasakyan hinihintay mo?"
    "bakit? what does it look like i'm doing? o gusto nyo akong ihatid sa valenzuela?"
    they might have been surprised by what i said, but i don't really know. they just drove off and i never saw them again until i was able to get a jeep to monumento.

  8. @chase: so naive? haha

    @dan gabriel: some policemen sure now how to piss us off. i heard of some who were even charged of vagrancy, same charge filed for prostitutes AND you need to pay a certain amount for bail. Business lang

  9. weird! the same thing happened to me many many years ago! i was cruising at forbes sa UST (cruising area pa sya nun), i was checking a guy, ala pa kaming ginagawa, hawakan palang yata. when the police came. they took us sa presinto. same pananakot. same tanong. pero in the end, pinakawalan din kami.

    saka ko palang nakuha ang pangalan nung guy na hindi ko na matandaan now. kumain kami sa KFC sa nagtahan. and decided to check-in sa nearby motel. we had hot sex!!!

    weird, parehong-pareho ang kwento except the details?

    hindi kaya ikaw yung guy na naka-sex ko, Kai?