Thursday, July 5, 2007

Violence pt. 2

The truth is, I don't really know what he meant when he said 'You like it'. Did he already figure out I'm gay and now he's mocking me? Or he knows I'm gay and that I sort of like him? He gave me a puckish smile which I made me more confused.
'Okay, let's stop.' I pushed him away from me. He landed on his back and stood up right away.
'Wait, I have to show you how you can get out of that.'
It was a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu move where the attacker pins down the enemy and finishes it with the usual wrestling maneuver before the referee starts counting to three. Only in MMA, it's real and more violent.
He put his arms around me and tried to push me, this time with care, as if sensing that I am already getting irritated for his sheer enjoyment in beating the heck out of me. He kept smiling but it made me more pissed.
'I have to take a shower.'
'Oh.. yeah? Me too.'
He followed me to the shower room. I was silent the whole time. I took off my shirt, wet from extreme perspiration. I grabbed a towel and looked at myself in the mirror. I checked my arms for bruises. Luckily, I didn't find any.
'Did I give you any bruises?'
'No, thank God.'
'Hey, sorry if I was a bit rough. I thought you were having fun too. You seemed to be smiling the whole time.'
'Yeah?' I said nonchalantly.
There was a short pause. Then I went inside one of the cubicles. The shower rooms are nice and clean. There were four cubicles, divided by a glass which still gives you a chance to look at the figure of the man taking a bath in the next cubicle. Of course, it was Joe who was in the next one.
'Have you tried our boxing classes?'
I didn't respond.He asked the question again after a few minutes.
'I said have you tried boxing?'
'Uhm, no. I haven't. And I don't think I will.'
I wasn't really into having a conversation with a guy who just smacked me. So I stopped and went out to dress myself up. He still followed me. This time, I really felt like the guy was mocking me. He kept giggling while telling a story about some gay guy who joined the club to see 'hot men' but he ended up getting beaten in the ring by the straight guys.
'I told Hanz, that was his name, that if you're looking for some action, this is where you'll find it. But if you want some action in the shower room, you get the hell out of my gym.'
At that point, I don't know what happened. I just let it all out:
'You think that's funny? You think you're some cool, straight jock huh? Well you're not. You're a loser for beating that gay guy.'
'Hey.. what the..'
'So that's what you do here? You invite your gay customers and beat them to death?'
'That's not what I..'
'Well, FYI Mister A-hole Master I'm gay too. Are you gonna beat me to death too?'
I stormed out of the gym, leaving him speechless. Somehow he managed to get my number, probably from the gym's files. He tried to call and text me but I ignored him completely.
But since I was in a 12 month contract with the gym, I had to go back and use my membership. I asked the receptionist what time he comes in and I try to avoid that schedule.
But you know, as they say, the more you hate, the more you love. It was especially true in this case...
(to be continued)


  1. geez-us. i hate freaks like this.

  2. yep but there's more to that story... so watch out for part 3