Tuesday, January 29, 2008

BlogBreak: Watch 'Sikil'

I'm on a blogging break. Meanwhile, I recommend that you watch Sikil. I just saw the film. Cheesy lines and not-so-good acting but hey, this happens in real life. Some PLUs really struggle in their own unusual situations in life. Be part of the drama. Sikil is still being shown at Robinsons Place Ermita.

Also, Don't forget to catch Roxxxanne on February 2 at Robinsons Galleria IndieSine.

For more info on the movie and the actors (hawtness Janvier Daily and Jay Aquitana), go to the Director's blog.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Great Expectations Page 7 - The Biggest Problem

Perhaps the biggest problem I was faced with was the fact that he is one horny human being. I figured that this may be because I let him have the taste of gay sex and he enjoyed it so well, now he can't get enough of it. But the most exciting part is, he would only do it with me. So I am in control.

Or am I really in control?

With everything that happened and how fast they transpired, we forgot to gather the most basic information in a gay man's blackbook:

Top or Bottom

I thought I could just deal with this later. He loves the way I suck his cock anyway. He cums three times at most every time we do it. I am pretty sure he's content with that. I was sure until now.

One time, we got so horny after drinking his favorite wine. I put on my favorite porn and we started kissing. I kissed his lips, then went down to his jaws, his neck, his shoulders, his chest, his nipples. I love licking those cute pinkish nipples while he moans in pleasure. He kept asking for more so I did a little tongue action and be the obedient partner that I always have been.

Then he suddenly stood up. He took off his pants as I took off mine. I knelt in front of him but he pulled me up and pushed me to the bed. He asked me to turn around and he started licking my back for the first time. Then he kissed my neck, my ears and then licked my back once again.

But this time he seemed distracted. He was doing something else. And when I turned to see what he was doing, I saw him struggling to open a pack of condoms.


I motioned for him to stop but he was too strong. He pinned me down but I fought back. And he whispered those sweet words to my ears:

'I love you Kai.'
'Viktor, I-I'm top.'
'I love you Kai. I love you Kai.'
'Sweetie... I swear I don't get..'

I heard a snap which was probably his cock in the condom he just put on. I felt the rubber slide through my skin, on one of the butt cheeks. He was trying to find the hole but he couldn't.

'Viktor, I swear I can't.'
'I love you Kai! I wanna fuck you.'
'I love you too baby but you can't. I'm...'

He sat down and felt the hole using his fingers. I tried to get out but he was just too strong. I threw pillow at him but he was sitting there, just busy trying to get a good look at where he will put his huge cock.

'STOP Viktor. Okay? I'm serious.'

But he wouldn't. He became a little more violent, pushing my back and using the pillow I threw at him to pin me down even more. I started yelling, 'Stop! Stop!'

Oh my goodness, what did I get myself into.

(The last page is coming very soon)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Great Expectations - Page 7 - continued

Problem # 2

Perhaps one of the biggest joys of being single is being able to move around, do whatever you want without anyone restraining you from anything. This is one of the most common arguments that Viktor and I normally have. Sometimes, he acts as if we already got married; that he's Donald Trump and I'm his Melania; that I need to act in a certain way that wouldn't hurt his 'reputation'.

So he constantly reminded me to take [full] control of my hands when I move them. He always asked me to turn down the volume of my iPod when I am Madonna or Mariah Carey on it. He asked me to be conscious of my overuse of gay lingo such as 'chuva' or basically mentioning anything that would give them a hint that I am gay.

'Viktor, times have changed.'
'Yes, but people haven't.'
'Yes they have!'
'Fine, do whatever you want...'

At times that would sound like a threat, like I can do whatever I want as long as I keep my distance from him. But every so often, I would let my guard down, I would surrender to his shallow requests and command such painful control over my actions in public.

Heck, I've even been dragged to his gym to look 'more manly'.

Yes. It's a painful process. But what hurts even more is the ambiguity of our so-called relationship. When asked, he would often get mad. So I figured that talking about two men's relationship would amount to a violation equal to an un-manly wink or an uncontrollable, 'faggoty' laugh.

I hated every moment of it. Everything I wanted in a relationship hasn't happened yet. And no matter how hard I tried to detach myself, he would always find ways to make me come back wanting more of his unreasonable requests... more of rules and vision of how a gay relationship is supposed to operate.