Sunday, October 7, 2007

Five Crazy/Sexy/Nasty Things

Have you had any crazy/sexy/nasty experiences in your life? Share it with us here at Lows, Highs and Alibis. Let me start with my top 5:

1. I fucked someone in a church's restroom while the choir is rehearsing.

2. I love having sex in fire exits. There's something so exciting about them.

3. Weird: I don't fancy cocks, especially the big ones. It's either they scare me or they make me so insecure about their size.

4. I've masturbated in a moving bus from Taft Ave. to Ayala (I guess you already know which bus that is, right *wink*)

5. A few guys have tried to fuck me but to no avail. As they were about to enter me, their dicks soften like they need to pump some gas. Again, so weird.

Now it's your turn :)

PS: Someone started this I just don't know who but if you're reading this, I want you to know that I love this idea for a post.


  1. Nyahahahah, dis is nice! kaya lang wala ako mashare, i know! (pero dapat sa blog ko muna ito i post pero,d2 na lang, hehehe). Every new place i visit and stay, mapa resort, a friend's haws, dorm, even in school, i cant help but make dat event memorable by wagging d family jewel and leaving d juice behind, hehehe! Depress feeling yata! Parang aso. How about elevators kai??? Hey reserved for me dat Roxxane Tcket ha!

  2. @4. haha. reminds of the time i got caught in a bus whacking.

    @5. i experienced the same thing!

    my ex and i were inside my car...the building beside the lot had a couple of rooms still lit. we thought there was no one there - the time being sem break and about 10pm....we were kissing torridly and just when we decided to take it up a notch ELSEWHERE...we find lights directed at us...i started the car immediately with the intent to escape - BUT a knock on the window terrified me to a stop. haha...the police asked for our ids ...we were hesistant on giving them...but we did...while continually asking for an apology.

    some people in the lit rooms of the building saw us kissing and called the police. hehehe...that's what the police there was really no use denying we were doing anything because we actually were - but not to the point that they may have been thinking

    luckily, the police let us off when they saw that we were actually students of that said university...started the car then sped away...

  3. kay Kai does these count as crazy things:

    (1) Gave a blow job in a cemetery.

    (2) Blowing a friend on a bus night-trip to Baguio.

    (3) Jacked-off inside my office.

    (4) Sharing a twin with a friend in a basketball court.

    (5) Sucked a co-worker and many others have seen us doing it.

  4. @josh: wagging family jewels???? haha!

    @serph: yeah we really have to be careful when doing it inside a car... seriously the police are gonna ask for money from you!

    @chase: you forgot your list!

    @yoruosu12: haha! yeah ive done it in a cemetery. refer to one of my previous posts!

  5. Well, I've done the bus moments when I was younger. I tried the library too, and fitting rooms... HaHaHa.

    Ang sarap naman pumasok sa banyo kung ganyan maabutan mo.

  6. @reyville: nyay library almost! but not the fitting rooms no! kasi I heard SM has installed cams..

  7. fucking disgusting. i wouldn't want any of you living in my city, or even near it. yes, i am gay btw.

  8. bwahhahahaha! i guess we won't be seeing you anytime soon mr. anonymous

  9. At PICC's elevator years and years ago I jack and suck a cutie from Bulacan.

    Most of my encounters were in the men's WR i usually get invited to their home as take.

    My ex-Polish BF did it often on highways from Vancouver to Labrador, gives the true meaning of the phrase from sea to sea to sea.

    A gorgeous black dude who was drunk at that time, took me home, talked to his brother out so we could have the room for ourselves, he was actually in disbelief when he realized I was'nt a girl he thought I was and being a guy who was true to himself he didn't even ask me for BJ, he just come onto between my thighs and was really really embarassed afterwards, that I know he never even mentioned the experienced to his awaken brother.

    In confessionaries after seducing our poging acolytes.