Thursday, September 27, 2007

Remembering Allen - The Final Act

Of course, the whole muscleman Ron experience did not end on that steamy night arranged by Allen's friends. He became a regular that he sort of treated him as 'the boyfriend he never had'. The great thing about him, according to Allen, is that he is not just his sexual toy. He can definitely carry a conversation and can meet up with him without having to end up in bed by sunset.

In fact, he is proud of the fact that they've had sex only 9 times, something that his friends are surprised about since he would usually share not his limited experience in sex, but the supposed surplus of men in his life. But on that particular lunch with his friends, he thanked them for letting him shake of the trauma caused by the sad experience with that young man from the mall.

It was Tuesday.

The next day, he had lunch with Ron. They talked about the last time they had sex. He told him he enjoys being with him. He likes his biceps. He likes sucking his cock. He likes eating his cum. He likes him pumping life into his bottom. He likes licking his nipples. He likes kissing him. He likes rimming him. He likes it when he does his push-ups in front of him.

He was basically in love with the guy.

There was, however, one problem which worries his friend. Every time he meets up with him, he has to pay him a generous amount. His friends think that it's such an unnecessary expense.

'One rule is that you don't fall in love with these kinds of men. They're fucking paid to make you fall in love with them! Make a clear distinction between these two: a great Fuck is sadly just that. Nothing more, nothing less.' This was the warning given by his friend Chit on the night when he introduced Allen to hookerville.

Still, Allen dated Ron, saying that there's no harm in having to pay to have a lot of fun. 'If he is indeed acting, then think of it as me buying some porn. Only this one's unbelievably much, much better.' He said.

Chit called him up to ask if he wanted to go shopping. He figured that spending more time with his friend would make him forget about wasting his money on the man whore. Somehow, he felt responsible for what happened to Allen. He is just so out of it lately. He has been ignoring his friends, ditching work, and declines many offers all because he had to spend more time with muscleman Ron.

He didn't pick up the phone. He realized he must still be mad at him. He gave it a couple of days and told himself that he should talk to Allen after that.

It was a Thursday.

On Friday, Allen was excited to see Ron again. He said he was going to try something new. He was going to bring his two friends as a gift for their 4th month together. When he arrived, he was with two younger boys. One wore a red FUBU cap. He was slim and shorter than Ron. the other has similar body structure as Ron's. He said he spends more time in the gym lately. Later, he found out their names were Jett and Kiko.

After a few rounds of steamy sex, they decided to rest to discuss the price.

'I thought you said this was a gift?'
'Did I?'
'Yeah, I don't have money right now.'
'Then maybe you should get some from the ATM.'
'I'm tired. Can I just give it to you tomorrow?'
'Hell no! My friends can't wait. They've ditched their regulars for you!'
'I didn't ask for this. Come on...'

Ron walked out. He could hear them talking outside the room, probably apologising to his friends for not being able to pay them.

When he came back, he looked really disappointed.


Chit finally decided to pay him a visit. After fifteen unanswered phone calls and several text messages, he decided to end the cold war between him and his good friend. He told himself that this man will not destroy their friendship. He went to his place in Cityland in Makati, with the spare key to his apartment. He asked him to keep it for emergency purposes.

He knocked thrice. No answer. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see blood all over the floor. He looked for Allen and found his dead body drowning in his own blood in the tub. His blood was used to write the word Faggot on his bathroom wall and mirror. He yelled for help but it was too late.

After a careful investigation by the police, they concluded that robbery was the motive because the following items are missing:

15" black Macbook
1 Acer laptop
2 Rolex watches
estimated 30,000 pesos in cash
2ATM cards
6 credit cards
3 pairs of shoes

According to the building's security office, the men were seen in a recorded video leaving the building with several items. They were covering their faces with white towels and 'they looked like they just got out of the shower.'

The case, unfortunately is still open.

Muscleman Ronald is still at large. So are his two friends.

Allen P.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Remembering Allen - The Second Act

Allen was clearly pissed. And as he saw his wallet being thrown by Lito, he saw his cards fall with it. He instantly thought of his driver's license, Social Security ID, his spare cash hidden somewhere in his wallet. He saw Lito stopped, probably still counting the money. He just withdrew cash before they left the mall because he was expecting to have a very long night and probably the next morning spent with the gorgeous young lad.

He felt anger, frustration, hate, embarrassment, and fear. But he suddenly snapped back to perspective. He stepped on the gas. Lito panicked as he saw his car. He probably thought he was going to run over him. But Allen knew better. Even before he could get any closer to where Lito was standing, he stopped. He got out of the car. They stared at each other.

He yelled at Lito, 'Coward!'

Then he went to that the other side of the car to pick up his wallet, his cards, and some pieces of papers that also fell from it.


6 months later...

Allen still hasn't gotten laid. His last encounter still haunted him. Two months ago, he agreed to join an orgy, thinking it would be safer since there were supposed to be more than 10 participants. He backed out the last minute after he saw a family friend's son at the meeting place.

His friends tried to make him feel more comfortable. They were eager to help him get over what happened to him. So on his birthday, they brought a big, muscled guy to his apartment. He didn't have to worry about dues as the guy has been paid. He didn't have to think about his safety because his friends will be staying in the living room while muscle man Ronald is fucking him.

He felt comfortable. And who can refuse to have sex with a man who looks like a local celebrity with the body of Carlos Agassi. He obviously works out, probably 3 hours a day. His arms were bigger that his. And most importantly, Ron didn't have any inhibitions. He was very comfortable when he kissed him while being introduced. When they went into his room, he fixed his room.

'We don't want stains on your sheets.' He whispered then kissed his shoulder.

He knows how foreplay is done well. At first Allen was scared when he pulled out a long ribbon and tied his hands to his bed. He yelled out his friends' names but Ron covered his mouth.

'Hey, calm down. I'm not going to kill you.'

He gave him a nice, big kiss. He then understood what he meant. He kissed his neck, licked his ears and the back of it...something he's never experienced before. Ron asked him if it was his first time to be with a man. He laughed saying it definitely isn't but it was the first time he enjoyed being with one.

It seemed to have given Ron more energy in doing his job. He didn't stop until he licked every part of Allen's body. He licked each toe, sucked them while touching himself. It gave Al an unexpected level of pleasure that he came without warning. They both laughed. Al told him to get the towel but Ron had a better idea.

He first released Allen from the bed. He let him lean against the wall while sitting down. Then he licked the cum off his chest. Al was shocked! He swallowed it, wiped the rest of it with his forefinger and put it in his mouth.

'Hmmm... sweet.' He said.

Suddenly he turned into an animal. He put on an angry face and asked him to turn around. He went for the condom on the side table. He put it on, spat on his covered dick for lubrication.

'I have KY jelly in my...' But he didn't let him finish. He put his dick in his ass and pounded heavily. He asked him to stand while he was still inside him. They went to the terrace and he fucked him there. He was careful not to scream as his neighbors might hear him but it was Ron who was making noises. It's either he's enjoying what he was doing or he's a great actor.

They went around the room, the bathroom, the tub, the shower. They fucked for at least four hours that night. Outside, only his friend Chit was left. The others left after realizing that the session with muscled man Ronald might be a long one after all.

They were done by 3AM. Ron was still asking for more, after cumming 6 times. It was Allen who called it a night. He thanked him and asked for his number.

'I'll give you mine if you give me yours.' He smiled.
'OF course.'

He gave him a tip, because he thought he really deserved it. He politely declined saying it wasn't part of the deal. He said he would be glad to accept it on their next encounter. Allen agreed.

And there was a second, fourth, seventh and tenth.

It stopped after the tenth.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remembering Allen - The First Act

You can't say that Allen is a typical gay guy. He doesn't have gay friends. He feels uncomfortable being around flamboyant gays. He doesn't understand gayspeak. He feels terrible when men kiss in front of him. He is as discreet as a corrupt politician trying to hide his questionable wealth.

Allen is in his mid 30's. He realized he's gay only about three years ago, after his wife caught him getting cozy with their neighbor [She eventually divorced him.] Though his divorce was obviously a sign of his much-awaited prison break from the closeted gay guy's world, he preferred to keep everything a secret, meeting guys through online dating sites and messengers and several chatrooms, inviting them to his place or somewhere private like a motel or hotel, just to fulfill his desires and need to be with a man.

On a rainy, Wednesday afternoon, he picked up a guy in a restroom in a cheap mall. Introductions were done, numbers were exchanged. But Allen didn't think he would let this one pass. He invited the guy to a motel. The guy gave him a price, saying he doesn't have sex with guys without anything in return. The guy, whose name was Lito, apologized for giving his straightforward proposal, saying he needed the money and he doesn't care how to get it.

Allen seemed to have admired the honesty of Lito. So after fifteen minutes of flirting, inquiring about sizes and sharing perversions, he decided to leave with Lito, in his 2006 BMX X3 SUV. He felt comfortable with Lito since he is also very discreet. One couldn't say they were about to have sex that day. Together, you would think they're just friends or colleagues.

They went into a motel in Pasig ,which boasts a feature other motels do not have: sound-proof walls. Allen instantly thought of all his fantasies coming to life. He was ecstatic. He just couldn't wait.

Funny thing, they were in room 169, a number Allen really loved because it reminds him of his favorite sexual position. Upon arriving, Lito quickly took off his clothes, starting with his shirt. As he was about to take off his boxers, Allen said 'Leave those.' And so he did.

It was quite evident that Lito is not a male prostitute. He kept looking around like he's never been to a motel. And as he licked his right nipple, enjoying the tender, pinkish areola until it hardens a bit, he felt his heart beat faster by the minute.

'A bit.'
'So you really don't do this very often.'
He nodded.
'Me neither.'

For a while, it helped Lito to calm down. But it wasn't long before his heartbeat raced again, this time due to sheer excitement caused by Allen's tongue toying with the shaft of his hard dick. He licked both nipples, his washboard abs, every muscle, as if tracing each meandering course of the river of muscles. He looked at him to see his reaction. He seemed like he was enjoying it. He went for his cock, which surprisingly was long, hard and uncut.

He quickly maneuvered his tongue to give Lito the kind of pleasure he would never forget. He suddenly yelled, 'I'm coming! I'm coming!' Allen stopped him, saying it was too soon.

It was only then that he took off his briefs and bent over.

'I don't fuck.'
'Yes you do.'
'I don't. Really.'

He believed him. He tried to bribe him by offering more money but he looked scared and tired. Maybe he didn't really want to be here. Not in this motel room. Not with me. Not with any other man. He finished him off with a hand job. He gave him what was promised and more as a tip. He kept his number. Allen wasn't sure Lito saved his.

He requested that Allen drop him off a gas station near his place. He drove to a place there was an unknown gas station at the street. He wasn't even sure if the gas station was still open or not. He stopped and said goodbye to the young man. But he still didn't leave. He stayed for two minutes.

'I'm sorry I didn't fuck you back there.'
'That's okay. I totally understand.'
'You gave me a lot of money, I think you deserve it.'
'No, it's okay. YOU deserved it.'
'Listen, my folks are not at home and my room's in the old garage. We can stay and I can fuck you there.'
'Where to?'

'He turned left. Then right. Turned right again. Another right turn. Then left, until they reached a dead end. Allen pointed to a old, dark house with a big garage to his right.

'So, this is where you'll fuck me all night?'

Lito didn't answer. Instead, he pulled out a knife and pointed it at him.

'Give me your wallet.'
'Hey calm down. I gave--'
'Give me your fucking wallet you faggot!'
'Hey easy man! I will if you...'

He pulled out his wallet and threw it at him.

'I'm sorry man. I really am. I'm not gay. I'm not your guy.'

He got off the car and walked right away. Allen was still stunned. He was still trying to understand what just happened. He looked as the mirror and he could still see him walking, counting the money he found in his wallet.

He turned the car around and stopped. He wondered why Lito has done this to him, the sweet innocent man.

He watched as he slowly walked away. He was surprised he didn't run or call a cab right away. He was just walking. And as he threw Allen's wallet away, he was infuriated. He stepped on the gas and looked straight at Lito's beautiful ass.

'Why me you prick?' He asked.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

3sum should be 3Cum (Continued)

The last time (as of this writing) I engaged in a threesome was about five months ago in Cebu City. I was vacationing when I met this incredible guy named Ecko. He's half-German, half-Filipino. We met in a bar, exchanged numbers and promised we would have sex one day.

A week before I left for Manila, he texted me and asked if we could hang out and if it was okay if he brings his friend along. Since I was determined to bounce back from my failed threesomes in the past, I agreed to meet them both on one condition, the other guy has to be a bottom. Period. He said he was so they were in my hotel room in less than 30 minutes.

Ecko brought Joel, whom he met on the internet. Again, my dilemma was still a dilemma. As the host, I should be the one directing the show but when we started, it was as if I was the guest and Ecko choreographed the whole thing.

I was sucking Ecko's 7 incher, he was sucking Joel while the young visitor was just caressing my dick. I told him a couple of times to suck it. He did as told but with so much care like he had braces and was afraid he was gonna hurt me. It wasn't pleasurable at all.

Then Ecko told him to stand up. Since I wasn't done with his meat, I decided to stay. I sucked both their cocks while they started kissing. I saw Joel suck his nipples at one point. But Ecko was just so much in the moment and he enjoyed what he was having that Joel ended up being the recipient almost the entire night. He was, after all, the guest of honor.

This was of course only until I noticed my jaw hurt from too much sucking without getting anything out of it. This is what I hate about threesomes. The idea of three people having sex is quite difficult to fathom. And not all people are knowledgeable about the Book of Ethics when it comes to engaging in one. Here they are:

1. Don't be selfish.
2. Never leave anyone out.
3. Reciprocate.

Apparently, I was going to end up as the fifth wheel in this gathering. I stopped because my jaws hurt and said I will just grab some water. I went to the kitchen, thinking if I should just kick then out since this isn't going too well. However, I imagined that when I left, they would have stopped, waited until I came back, and plan things again, this time, including me in whatever activity should be done.

Unfortunately, when I opened the door, the two were STILL intensely kissing and the exchange of saliva was getting kinda gross. So I politely asked: 'Aren't you done yet? I think I want to rest.' Ecko got the message and apologised. But something tells me he was not sorry at all. He asked if he could use he bathroom. I pointed to where it was.

So I sat for five seconds, realized what a huge mistake this whole thing was. I promised myself never to join threesomes ever again, except if it's going to be with a hot model and a celebrity.

As I was thinking about this, I heard running water. They were still in the fucking bathroom! So I went out and to my surprise, they were still doing it there... in the bathroom.. of MY hotel room. That really incurred my ire so I said:

'I thought you were done here. Get the hell out of my place.'

I didn't wait for Joel to put on his shirt. They were out of the door while water was dripping from hair. Meanwhile, Ecko was trying to tell me that he forgot his cap in my room but I gave him a look that shooed him away. And then I gave them my goodbye line:

'Pathetic assholes. Can't even afford a place for a fuck. Go to hell.'

Threesomes are intense. But without an experienced guy to guide you, it can really be frustrating.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Kai is craving for

Sunday, September 9, 2007

3Sum should be 3Cum pt. 1

I don't remember how many threesomes I've been invited to. The first invite I got was from an ex-fuckbuddy (Don). My ex-partner (Scottie) and I waiting for a ride near Shangri-La mall when we bumped into Don. He gave me a dirty look as if asking me if, after so many years of not seeing each other, I've learned new tricks in bed.

You see my first fuck buddy was also my first-ever male fuck. He brought me to a cheap motel down south. We literally walked into a dark and narrow street which served as the secret passage for horny people who don't drive cars. It was as embarassing as hell but we both wanted to get it on. Flaking was not an option.

So there he was and his usual dirty look, which brought me back to that filthy room which has a smell as pungent as an old man's piss. We fucked in bed, the bathroom, and the veranda. Three times in one night for a first male fuck is huge for me. But it turned out to be an enjoyable journey. And I'm still in it.

The next day I received a text message from him. I was surprised he even kept my number. He asked how I've been and who I was with when he saw me at the mall. He told me he finds my ex hot and he wondered if we could have one hot night together--all of us three.

I politely declined, saying I am a bit possessive even if the guy's my ex. He just left me with a message which said, 'You don't know what you're missing.'

And at that time, I was pretty sure I did.

What's there to like about threesomes? I personally believe such activity is a complicated display of assets and talents and a tight competition of people who have been with so many performances in bed that they're now ready to show it off.

What's worse is that there are a lot of questions surrounding it: How do you start a threesome? How do you choreograph the entire session? Who's top? Who's bottom? Who's eating my cum? Who's going for the ass? Who's going to have the bottom eat his piece of meat? Who's bigger? Who's better?

I always thought that aside from being a jealous asshole, I shouldn't bother myself with such ludicrous questions. Why should I when I can just have fun with only on guy, no complications, no thinking, just pure fucking.
I guess my negative stand against threesomes stems from the fact that I've never had a decent [or basically a successful] threesome in my entire life.

The first time I ever said yes was when a friend from Cebu told me that his 'hot' friend is coming over to have some fun. You see, it's one of the biggest mistakes in choosing a participant. Terms such as 'hot' and 'sexy' are subject to a person's views on beauty and sex appeal. When his friend arrived, he was nowhere near hot. In fact, he was on the end of the South Pole in my dictionary. But since it was too late to back out. I tried to improvise..make it work.

Unfortunately, trying isn't really a good idea. For one, the guy also didn't like me. I swear I didn't even get a hard on for longer than 2 minutes. So to end the drama, I excused myself and walked out of hell.

to be continued...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hookerville pt. 3: All About Passion

I have to admit that Leo's eyes were dazzling. I can't think of any other word to describe it. His stare was so sexy, you can easily fall in love with him. So why haven't I? After almost two hours, the Queen has given his whore about four blowjobs (twice, he rimmed the guy) and I was there, trying to suppress the urge to kiss the undeniably sexy guy sitting beside me.

Leo leaned forward, said a few words as if setting the mood. I closed my eyes and asked myself, 'Why would I let this opportunity pass?' I mean there he was, ready to make out with me. He's been paid so I don't have to worry about that.

But THAT was my real issue. Paying someone just to make out with me is just damn pathetic for me. I just couldn't take that off my mind.

'Then devour every inch of that man's skin, you fucker! It's like eating your Brothers Burger, only this one's more spicy.' The Queen once told me. He clearly has no issues with paying men for sex. After all, it's his only way to get laid.

'Does my breath stink?' Leo asked.
I giggled. 'No, Leo. It's fine.'
'Then I don't understand. You seem like a nice guy.'
'Yes, I am.'
'Then, what are you waiting for?'
'I-you-It's just that you guys..'
'Right. I get it. WE -- meaning I am the problem. You don't want to kiss a callboy.'
'Okay, first of all, I didn't say that. Second, aren't you supposed to say dancer instead of callboy?'
'That's not funny.'

He moved an inch away from me. He grabbed his beer bottle and sipped. He's a bit irritated, I can tell. It just confused me even more. Was he disappointed that he wasn't getting laid today or was he scared that his manager might find out that he failed to seduce a client? Either way, money was not his problem.

'You have to get over it.'
'Get over what? What?'
'All the thinking! You think too much!'
'What do you mean?'
'I know you think I'm gross but you have to give me a break. I'm just doing my job here.'
'I know. I understand that.'
'And that this is something I didn't want for me, but you already know that.'
'Yes, you told me.'
'And that you don't have to worry about anything because as soon as you get out of this room, it's as if this never happened.'
'What is it that didn't happen?'
'This asshole...'

He kissed me.... passionately... like he's kissing a girlfriend...or boyfriend...or someone he really, truly fell in love with. His lips were soft and luscious, red and not too thick. Just right. His breath was intoxicating, not because of the beer we drank, but by the passion that fuels each kiss. I kissed him back, as passionately as he did. We made out for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, the moaning on the other side hasn't stopped. The queen bee is now taking a bite of Mr. Reptile's nipples. He warns him not to bite them or else. Mika's guy is now fucking his man. I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it. He sure looked like he needed some pain killers. After all, Mika is a bottom and it was his first time to fuck a guy--ever. Hence the skills haven't been fully developed just yet.

Leo noticed my eyes were open. He covered them with his right hand as we kissed some more. He started massaging my crotch area as my friend down there is slowly awakening with each moment our lips locked. I am in the moment. I can feel the love. I can feel the sexiness. I can feel so much passion. Leo was really a good kisser.

And it was just that. I didn't allow myself to be carried away so I pulled back and reminded everyone of the time. It was getting late and the bar was closing.

'See, where's the harm in that?' Leo smiled. He was right. I was holding myself back that I didn't get to enjoy the moment as much as I could. 'We could have done more, you know.'

He gave me a piece of paper which has his cellphone number.

'Well, I had a great time.'
'Was I good?'
'Oh is this some sort of a customer survey?'
'Haha, no. I just want to find out if there's a chance you're coming back.'
'It doesn't have to be here..'
'I don't think asking me out in a gay bar is a good idea.'

He paused for a few seconds. Looked at me and smirked. He held my hand and pulled me to the other side of the street. Mika and Queen Bee were about to get on the car. Someone called out my name. But I couldn't stop. Leo's grip was too tight and he was in a hurry.

We ended up standing beside a glowing billboard of a local restaurant.

'Okay, we're here.'
'Here where?'
'Well, you said I can't ask you out in a gay bar so we're out of that wicked place and we're here.'
'And I'd like to ask you again... would you want to watch a movie? Or do something. Not sex! Just hang out. Like a date but not a date. And not here. I'll be fully-clothed, don't worry.'

Mika called my attention. It's freezing outside and the sun is about to rise. The street lights were shut off one by one. The Queen had the look of someone wondering what the hell I was doing outside. The trick is to pack up and leave before the sun gives the people enough light to recognize us and see us leave the whore house.

I looked at Leo and whispered something to him.

I sat in the backseat. Mika was still telling The Queen about his first fuck. He was listening intently as if he's really interested. The Queen boasted off his reptile guy and Mika shot back at him saying his whore is more handsome. He was telling the truth.

'Hey Kai, how about you? What was that about--you whispering something to Leo?' Mika asked.

I smiled. Looked down. Touched my lower lip and smiled again.

'I don't know Mika. I really don't know.'