Saturday, September 15, 2007

3sum should be 3Cum (Continued)

The last time (as of this writing) I engaged in a threesome was about five months ago in Cebu City. I was vacationing when I met this incredible guy named Ecko. He's half-German, half-Filipino. We met in a bar, exchanged numbers and promised we would have sex one day.

A week before I left for Manila, he texted me and asked if we could hang out and if it was okay if he brings his friend along. Since I was determined to bounce back from my failed threesomes in the past, I agreed to meet them both on one condition, the other guy has to be a bottom. Period. He said he was so they were in my hotel room in less than 30 minutes.

Ecko brought Joel, whom he met on the internet. Again, my dilemma was still a dilemma. As the host, I should be the one directing the show but when we started, it was as if I was the guest and Ecko choreographed the whole thing.

I was sucking Ecko's 7 incher, he was sucking Joel while the young visitor was just caressing my dick. I told him a couple of times to suck it. He did as told but with so much care like he had braces and was afraid he was gonna hurt me. It wasn't pleasurable at all.

Then Ecko told him to stand up. Since I wasn't done with his meat, I decided to stay. I sucked both their cocks while they started kissing. I saw Joel suck his nipples at one point. But Ecko was just so much in the moment and he enjoyed what he was having that Joel ended up being the recipient almost the entire night. He was, after all, the guest of honor.

This was of course only until I noticed my jaw hurt from too much sucking without getting anything out of it. This is what I hate about threesomes. The idea of three people having sex is quite difficult to fathom. And not all people are knowledgeable about the Book of Ethics when it comes to engaging in one. Here they are:

1. Don't be selfish.
2. Never leave anyone out.
3. Reciprocate.

Apparently, I was going to end up as the fifth wheel in this gathering. I stopped because my jaws hurt and said I will just grab some water. I went to the kitchen, thinking if I should just kick then out since this isn't going too well. However, I imagined that when I left, they would have stopped, waited until I came back, and plan things again, this time, including me in whatever activity should be done.

Unfortunately, when I opened the door, the two were STILL intensely kissing and the exchange of saliva was getting kinda gross. So I politely asked: 'Aren't you done yet? I think I want to rest.' Ecko got the message and apologised. But something tells me he was not sorry at all. He asked if he could use he bathroom. I pointed to where it was.

So I sat for five seconds, realized what a huge mistake this whole thing was. I promised myself never to join threesomes ever again, except if it's going to be with a hot model and a celebrity.

As I was thinking about this, I heard running water. They were still in the fucking bathroom! So I went out and to my surprise, they were still doing it there... in the bathroom.. of MY hotel room. That really incurred my ire so I said:

'I thought you were done here. Get the hell out of my place.'

I didn't wait for Joel to put on his shirt. They were out of the door while water was dripping from hair. Meanwhile, Ecko was trying to tell me that he forgot his cap in my room but I gave him a look that shooed him away. And then I gave them my goodbye line:

'Pathetic assholes. Can't even afford a place for a fuck. Go to hell.'

Threesomes are intense. But without an experienced guy to guide you, it can really be frustrating.


  1. oh wow, bravo!
    i love what you did.

    yeah, i totally agree with your book of ethics. what can i say, erect dicks don't have a conscience. heheh

  2. A classic case of a host becoming a participant, and almost the most unwelcomed participant at that.

    That is, by all measure, pathetic. Good for them u did not throw them out of the hotel room through the window.

  3. I miss threesomes. I had the good fortune of enjoying them

  4. @ chase: no, they don't.

    @bananas: YES! My thoughts exactly!

    @wouthdude: do you have problems with the choreography part? hehe care to share some valuable insights>?

  5. I kinda know what you mean about all this - threesomes are terribly complicated to arrange and to direct, so to speak.

    In my limited experience so far, threesomes have the best chance of working if all three of you know one another since it adds that element of concern for everyone else as opposed to total strangers or a third guy that only one person knows. I feel you'd be more open to paying attention to someone you know as opposed to someone you have no clue about and just met for the first time.

    Then again that's me, and I've never been good with anonymous hook-ups.

  6. @rocky: thanks for sharing that rocky! well, you're probably right. but knowing the participants in a threesomes adds a little discomfort than convenience, doesn't it? i just feel that if it were my friend, feelings might develop or notes will be shared inevitably. therefore, complications might arise. that's the thing about anonymous sex... no strings attached.


  7. Ouch! That was f*cking bizarre. I've trie 3some with my ex and my neighbor and I ended up "limp bizkit" so I just let them jack off while trying to arouse me.

    A foursome didn't succeed as well even though I was with 3 handsomer hotties. Again, I felt like doing such wickedness just gave me direct access to hell and so umurong na naman bayag ko. HaHaHa. Though deeply humiliated, the kissing and sucking parts was f*cking hot.

    I tried to do it again with a different group of sex maniacs. Guess what, the plan was a disaster. TWO guests followed me out the place and decided to venture on food-tripping. One of them, it turned out, has a secret plan of taking me to cloud 9. Horny as I am, I agreed to check in with him at my first ever and so far, last SOGO experience. I had no regrets as he was a sexpert.

    Bottomline though is that ORGIES will not work for me.

  8. der goes d fun n troikas!?? psssst....

    Y is it in those belami vidoes, 3 some looks so HOT! oh well, again im dreaming of d moon & stars, (deep thought again, wala pa ngang 2 some, 3 somes agad,hehhehe) :(

  9. @reyville: Yeah me too... maybe not now. maybe i need to find a good choreographer hehee

    @josh: that's Belami no! it's supposed to look fun! haha! these porn videos are well choreographed and well edited. they dont show you the awkward moments and long pauses.