Sunday, September 9, 2007

3Sum should be 3Cum pt. 1

I don't remember how many threesomes I've been invited to. The first invite I got was from an ex-fuckbuddy (Don). My ex-partner (Scottie) and I waiting for a ride near Shangri-La mall when we bumped into Don. He gave me a dirty look as if asking me if, after so many years of not seeing each other, I've learned new tricks in bed.

You see my first fuck buddy was also my first-ever male fuck. He brought me to a cheap motel down south. We literally walked into a dark and narrow street which served as the secret passage for horny people who don't drive cars. It was as embarassing as hell but we both wanted to get it on. Flaking was not an option.

So there he was and his usual dirty look, which brought me back to that filthy room which has a smell as pungent as an old man's piss. We fucked in bed, the bathroom, and the veranda. Three times in one night for a first male fuck is huge for me. But it turned out to be an enjoyable journey. And I'm still in it.

The next day I received a text message from him. I was surprised he even kept my number. He asked how I've been and who I was with when he saw me at the mall. He told me he finds my ex hot and he wondered if we could have one hot night together--all of us three.

I politely declined, saying I am a bit possessive even if the guy's my ex. He just left me with a message which said, 'You don't know what you're missing.'

And at that time, I was pretty sure I did.

What's there to like about threesomes? I personally believe such activity is a complicated display of assets and talents and a tight competition of people who have been with so many performances in bed that they're now ready to show it off.

What's worse is that there are a lot of questions surrounding it: How do you start a threesome? How do you choreograph the entire session? Who's top? Who's bottom? Who's eating my cum? Who's going for the ass? Who's going to have the bottom eat his piece of meat? Who's bigger? Who's better?

I always thought that aside from being a jealous asshole, I shouldn't bother myself with such ludicrous questions. Why should I when I can just have fun with only on guy, no complications, no thinking, just pure fucking.
I guess my negative stand against threesomes stems from the fact that I've never had a decent [or basically a successful] threesome in my entire life.

The first time I ever said yes was when a friend from Cebu told me that his 'hot' friend is coming over to have some fun. You see, it's one of the biggest mistakes in choosing a participant. Terms such as 'hot' and 'sexy' are subject to a person's views on beauty and sex appeal. When his friend arrived, he was nowhere near hot. In fact, he was on the end of the South Pole in my dictionary. But since it was too late to back out. I tried to improvise..make it work.

Unfortunately, trying isn't really a good idea. For one, the guy also didn't like me. I swear I didn't even get a hard on for longer than 2 minutes. So to end the drama, I excused myself and walked out of hell.

to be continued...


  1. Know what Kai?????

    Kailan lang din when I had a 3some with the 2nd guy I was with here in DR with my present beau. Yeah di ko rin nagustuhan, not because I did not like the other guy, but because I got threatened when they did it w/o me. Ang intentions ko pa naman nuon is to know if I still have the feelings for the former. Wala na pala talaga, KAPUT!!!. Lust lang pala talaga.......

    Anyways, after that I told my PAPI not to do it again with the same guy. Pero, we're still friends, we text and chat, pero never with the same intent.

    And then there's this another story.....hehehhe...ang pilya ko talaga....

  2. so open relationship with your beau?

  3. ayyy scary ang 3some.
    haven't tried that.

  4. I don't know if you can call that an open relationship, kasi once lang naman namin ginawa just for the thrill at di na naulit pa. Although sometimes he encourages me to find a third player, pero napakataas naman ng standards na hinahanap nya, para bang his telling me na hwag na lang.

  5. @ chase: I know i was scared too. will tell you more about it in my next entry :)

    @yoruosu12: ok ok got it

  6. Kai, i.... s ur writing here more on facts now than fiction? i guess so kc they seem to be so real more than reel na.

    3 some, wala pa ngang 2some, 3some na, hehehe (dats me talking to myself...)

  7. LOL @ josh... I'll keep you thinking for a while