Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Almost Fucked Up

I met Martin while I was killing some time at SM North Edsa mall. He was actually not my type. He was dark-skinned, 5'8" and had a lot of facial hair. Yet I somehow found him sexy. Maybe it was his big chest, semi-toned arms and his pa-cool demeanor that caught my eye.

Like all hook-ups, ours started with eye contact. He followed me around the mall until we reached a 'safe' corner. He approached me and talked to me like I was really expecting him. He asked if I wanted to hang out. I politely declined. On one hand, I was holding a ticket to see 'Avatar' in 3D. I wasn't about to let a hook-up get in the way. He turned around, as if thinking of another great pick up line. Then he faced me again. His smile was infectious, sexy and very enticing. I know I'd fuck him in a heartbeat but the 3D ticket costs more than a quick fuck.

I ended up giving him my number. He promised to text me. I didn't expect him to.

Two months later, I was texting him from my bedroom. We've been sharing some silly quotes and some jokes. After sometime, this routine got boring so I decided we should meet again and finally fuck his brains out.

We first had dinner then watched a movie. We walked around the mall just talking about how we like it: top or bottom, slow or fast, how many rounds, etc. The sexual stimulation finally reached its peak that we decided it was time to visit the nearest Sogo hotel.

Then he dropped a bomb on me.

While approaching the hotel, he told me that he wishes the sex wasn't that unforgettable because he has to be away for two months. When I asked why, he explained that he is working as a seaman for a large shipping company.

It wasn't his job that bothered me. It was his possible lifestyle. Prior to meeting Martin, I read an article about the rise of HIV cases especially for seamen. I was worried and he noticed it. I explained my concern and jist laughed at me like it was a crazy idea. I apologized because I couldn't do it with him because I was scared and he wasn't assuring me that he was 100% clean.

He got pissed but also quite challenged. I could tell this guy was really interested in me. He told me that when he gets back after 3 months, he will take an HIV test with me and shove it up my ass - while he fucks me.

He was on a ship for three months but the texting and emailing never ceased. I got to know him more through his stories about his job and his family. He is working as an engineer at the engine room. He is the only son and he has four sisters. I also learned that he really likes me.

Excited about the idea of a relationship, I decided to wait until he comes back so we can finally talk in person about our situation. Soon after his contract expired, he came back to the Philippines and immediately arranged for us to meet. Great! We've been talking about having sex when he gets back. Finally, we'll get to do this.

But like a true gentleman, he remembered his promise to take an HIV test to assure me he is safe. So the day after he arrived, we went to a private clinic . They gave him some counselling before taking his blood. We sat at the waiting area for thirty minutes until the results were released.

Minutes before he was called by the doctor, he had a sexy smirk on his face. He pointed his finger at me then made a gesture as if he was fucking someone. He told me, 'This is you.' I asked him to stop.

Then a doctor called his name. He blew me a kiss before going inside. It was the longest 15 minutes of our lives. When he came out, he was shivering. His sweet smile has been wiped off his face by a piece of paper that indicates he is HIV positive.

That was the first time I didn't see a smile on Martin's face. He hugged me tight for a couple of minutes before excusing himself as he said he needed to go to the bathroom. I told him I will wait at the lobby.

That was the last time I saw Martin.