Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three months...

Once in a while, I'd get these little sexcapades in the most unexpected places.

Take for example, this movie theatre in an upscale mall in the city. Make no mistake: this is NOT one of those moviehouses. It's clean and absolutely decent. There's usually an usher roaming around during the entire movie. Restrooms also have attendants. There's [supposed to be] no safe place for a quick suck or fuck.

However, on a laid back Sunday night, the ushers were nowhere to be found. The movie playing was a third class sci-fi film which flopped in the U.S. There were literally 10 people in the entire theatre and I was sitting in one of the highest rows. Better seat. Better view.

Five minutes into the movie, a man appears to be looking for his seat. Upon realizing that he didn't choose well, he decided to look for another one. After all, there were a lot of empty seats. He moved up... and in a split-second, his eyes met mine just as the MTRCB logo with the bright white background is shown on the screen.

Someone wants to have some fun.

He sat beside me. He looked nervous. On a scale of 1-10, he's a low 4: he's probably in his mid-40s and he's not my type. But his arms and chest are quite beefy. Either he lifts for a living or he lifts at the gym. Either way, my dick is not complaining.

He's obviously a straight guy looking for an adventure. He didn't even try to touch my dick. I know the game. I know it very well. I put my had on his crotch, slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard dick. At first, it was kinda disappointing. It wasn't small but it also wasn't very big.

The shaft is kind of fat though and it's starting to gain size as I try to stroke the head a little bit. When I start stroking too hard, he would push my hand away.

He's probably cumming soon. I better suck it now.

Thirty minutes in... still no ushers. It's game time.

I pulled down his pants a little bit and put his very, very, very hard cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked and licked and sucked it so fast for five seconds, bit the hardest part of the shaft. The guy was covering his mouth while he tried not to scream.

I sat straight again and surveyed the area. It's still safe. I started stroking his cock when suddenly I noticed it was wet. TOO wet.

'Did you cum already?'
'Fuck, yeah.'

I was still stroking it. My hand was soaked in lots and lots of cum.


That explains the bucket of cum in my hand.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Thoughts on new web series 'Hunting Season'

While others are criticizing 'Looking' for the lack of sex (note: there's some steamy scenes on the third episode), some are actually praising 'Hunting Season' as a more realistic portrayal of 'the gay life'. The web series, which is composed of only 8 episodes as of this writing, is based on the book 'The Great Cock Hunt (also based on the popular blog with the same title). 
'Hunting Season' is often called the gay 'Sex and the City' due the similarities in the show's format, the main character's way of narrating and the topics that each episode delves into - mostly relationships, hook-ups. The story follows Alex (Ben Baur) and his friends who is having trouble dating but scores wild sexual [mis]adventures easily. He documents his sexcapades through his anonymous personal blog called 'The Great Cock Hunt'. 

One big difference between SATC and Hunting Season is the absence of 'real' issues other than relationships. I mean, gay shows tackling sex and relationships cannot NOT touch the issue of HIV. I would love to see what each character think about Truvada and erectile dysfunction. SATC touched on so many issues about women from their vaginas to fashion to breast cancer.

To their credit, the show is only less than 30 minutes long so they have to be as concise and entertaining as possible. While I feel like the story still lacks something, I still enjoyed each episode. The actors are funny and the script is superb. And oh yeah, the actors are pretty hot and cute too.

If you feel that the show deserves a second season, click the link below and help them make it happen.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

[Work Series] The IT Guys pt 3

At first, I was struggling with the thought of having to make the first move. After all, he works in the same company. I am holding a higher position. He can easily file a sexual harassment case against me. Even though this is a personal request, a couple of other IT folks knew he was going to fix my laptop that day.

I waited for his cock to naturally relax...but it didn't. And seeing it hiding under the wet towel made mine as stiff as a board in no time. He noticed it. I tried to redirect his attention to something, the TV.

"Do you have clean shorts I could borrow Sir?"

"Yeah, I do."

Perhaps it was my unconscious (dirty) mind but I grabbed the smallest and shortest pair I have in my closet. He laughed when he saw it.

"Pekpek shorts!"

"That's okay. You have the legs for it!" ve a

I pointed my finger to his toned legs. He had some killer calves. I love toned calves. They turn me on like crazy.

He decided not to wear a shirt so his big chest became somewhat of the attraction of the night. He obviously goes to the gym but he probably is not doing something right. His arms are huge. His chest and legs are toned. He has a small (but cute) tummy. However, something just isn't quite right.

He started doing something on my computer. I can see his hard on fading but I still see the outline of his cock. This is the first time in many months that I am seeing an almost sexy naked guy in my apartment. He looked damn sexy while typing half-naked.

He opened folders... and a few more. Suddenly, he stumbled upon my vast collection of m2m porn. He laughed and waved his finger:

"Hala, this is a company computer Sir! And you have loads of porn here. My boss won't be pleased... hahaa!"

"Haha.. Why don't we keep that a secret."

He somewhat became a little serious.

"I've always been curious about you Sir."

"What do you mean?"

"We all thought you were straight."

"You did? Who's we?"

"The IT team. Us boys."

"Oh... well. The stack of porn confirms I'm not. Haha."

"I guess."

There was a moment of silence. He reached for the glass of water. Then he became even more serious."

"There was this gay guy in our neighborhood who's been bothering me. He thinks I'm too easy.. hehe"

"Why would he think that?"

"I don't know."

"Maybe you're such a tease...."

"No Sir. Never."

"You are kind of a tease. Even in the office..."

"what made you say that Sir?"

"I don't know. I guess you're the type who's probably any gay guy's type."

"So that mean's I'm your type Sir? Hehe. Just kidding."

"Haha... maybe."

Another awkward silence.

"That gay guy from our neighborhood has been asking if he could suck my cock."

"Oh? Did you....give it to him?"

"Hell no! He's like a dirty old gay guy."

"So if he's not dirty and old, you would?"


"Nevermind. Don't answer that."

"That's okay Sir. Honestly, I've been curious.But I have never tried. Does that make me gay?"

"No, not really. I've sucked a lot of straight cocks in the past. They're still living their happy straight lives."

He laughed hard. "Hahaha! Wow, that many Sir?"

"I can't help it if I'm really good.." I bit my lower lip. He laughed again.

I can see his cock slowly rising. He was struggling to keep it down. The small shorts was not helping. His cock was obviously fucking big. The head was slowly making its way out as it's starting to grow bigger and bigger.


"What sir?"


"Do ... you want me to?"


I don't know what possessed me. I just pulled down his shorts, pulled out his cock and started sucking on the entire thing. I gagged at first. I was right! It was HUGE. Bigger than I expected actually. I started licking the shaft. He seems to like that a lot. But he was pushing my head downward. He likes it fast. I sucked his cock in a swift, steady motion until he yelled profusely and came all over my face.

He let out a shitload of fucking cum. All over my face....and chest. When I turned around, his cum also hit the sofa and the floor. He was a fucking shooter. It was so hot.

I told him to relax while I get the towel. He tried to grab it from me but I insisted that I clean him up. But before I started wiping the cum off with baby wipes and my towel, I just thought of a better idea.

I sucked the cum off slowly... It tasted really sweet. I have never done anything like this before. I never liked asking anyone to cum in my mouth. But for Carlo, my hot IT guy, everything is possible.

"Wooooo!" He exclaimed.


"Wow sir. That was... great"

"Thanks for fixing my computer."

"Welcome sir."

"Just know that I might discover a virus again soon so you might need to come back."

"Hehe. I'll definitely be back Sir."

"No Problem."

He stood up and went to the shower. His butt was hanging out for me to see. I started touching myself again.

"Oh and sir..?"

"Yes Carlo?"

"I don't have to tell you.. that this is our little secret, right?"

"I won't say a word to anyone"

And that has always been our official parting words when he comes over to my apartment.