Friday, January 31, 2014

Thoughts on new web series 'Hunting Season'

While others are criticizing 'Looking' for the lack of sex (note: there's some steamy scenes on the third episode), some are actually praising 'Hunting Season' as a more realistic portrayal of 'the gay life'. The web series, which is composed of only 8 episodes as of this writing, is based on the book 'The Great Cock Hunt (also based on the popular blog with the same title). 
'Hunting Season' is often called the gay 'Sex and the City' due the similarities in the show's format, the main character's way of narrating and the topics that each episode delves into - mostly relationships, hook-ups. The story follows Alex (Ben Baur) and his friends who is having trouble dating but scores wild sexual [mis]adventures easily. He documents his sexcapades through his anonymous personal blog called 'The Great Cock Hunt'. 

One big difference between SATC and Hunting Season is the absence of 'real' issues other than relationships. I mean, gay shows tackling sex and relationships cannot NOT touch the issue of HIV. I would love to see what each character think about Truvada and erectile dysfunction. SATC touched on so many issues about women from their vaginas to fashion to breast cancer.

To their credit, the show is only less than 30 minutes long so they have to be as concise and entertaining as possible. While I feel like the story still lacks something, I still enjoyed each episode. The actors are funny and the script is superb. And oh yeah, the actors are pretty hot and cute too.

If you feel that the show deserves a second season, click the link below and help them make it happen.


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