Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three months...

Once in a while, I'd get these little sexcapades in the most unexpected places.

Take for example, this movie theatre in an upscale mall in the city. Make no mistake: this is NOT one of those moviehouses. It's clean and absolutely decent. There's usually an usher roaming around during the entire movie. Restrooms also have attendants. There's [supposed to be] no safe place for a quick suck or fuck.

However, on a laid back Sunday night, the ushers were nowhere to be found. The movie playing was a third class sci-fi film which flopped in the U.S. There were literally 10 people in the entire theatre and I was sitting in one of the highest rows. Better seat. Better view.

Five minutes into the movie, a man appears to be looking for his seat. Upon realizing that he didn't choose well, he decided to look for another one. After all, there were a lot of empty seats. He moved up... and in a split-second, his eyes met mine just as the MTRCB logo with the bright white background is shown on the screen.

Someone wants to have some fun.

He sat beside me. He looked nervous. On a scale of 1-10, he's a low 4: he's probably in his mid-40s and he's not my type. But his arms and chest are quite beefy. Either he lifts for a living or he lifts at the gym. Either way, my dick is not complaining.

He's obviously a straight guy looking for an adventure. He didn't even try to touch my dick. I know the game. I know it very well. I put my had on his crotch, slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard dick. At first, it was kinda disappointing. It wasn't small but it also wasn't very big.

The shaft is kind of fat though and it's starting to gain size as I try to stroke the head a little bit. When I start stroking too hard, he would push my hand away.

He's probably cumming soon. I better suck it now.

Thirty minutes in... still no ushers. It's game time.

I pulled down his pants a little bit and put his very, very, very hard cock in my mouth. I licked and sucked and licked and sucked it so fast for five seconds, bit the hardest part of the shaft. The guy was covering his mouth while he tried not to scream.

I sat straight again and surveyed the area. It's still safe. I started stroking his cock when suddenly I noticed it was wet. TOO wet.

'Did you cum already?'
'Fuck, yeah.'

I was still stroking it. My hand was soaked in lots and lots of cum.


That explains the bucket of cum in my hand.

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