Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hookerville pt. 3: All About Passion

I have to admit that Leo's eyes were dazzling. I can't think of any other word to describe it. His stare was so sexy, you can easily fall in love with him. So why haven't I? After almost two hours, the Queen has given his whore about four blowjobs (twice, he rimmed the guy) and I was there, trying to suppress the urge to kiss the undeniably sexy guy sitting beside me.

Leo leaned forward, said a few words as if setting the mood. I closed my eyes and asked myself, 'Why would I let this opportunity pass?' I mean there he was, ready to make out with me. He's been paid so I don't have to worry about that.

But THAT was my real issue. Paying someone just to make out with me is just damn pathetic for me. I just couldn't take that off my mind.

'Then devour every inch of that man's skin, you fucker! It's like eating your Brothers Burger, only this one's more spicy.' The Queen once told me. He clearly has no issues with paying men for sex. After all, it's his only way to get laid.

'Does my breath stink?' Leo asked.
I giggled. 'No, Leo. It's fine.'
'Then I don't understand. You seem like a nice guy.'
'Yes, I am.'
'Then, what are you waiting for?'
'I-you-It's just that you guys..'
'Right. I get it. WE -- meaning I am the problem. You don't want to kiss a callboy.'
'Okay, first of all, I didn't say that. Second, aren't you supposed to say dancer instead of callboy?'
'That's not funny.'

He moved an inch away from me. He grabbed his beer bottle and sipped. He's a bit irritated, I can tell. It just confused me even more. Was he disappointed that he wasn't getting laid today or was he scared that his manager might find out that he failed to seduce a client? Either way, money was not his problem.

'You have to get over it.'
'Get over what? What?'
'All the thinking! You think too much!'
'What do you mean?'
'I know you think I'm gross but you have to give me a break. I'm just doing my job here.'
'I know. I understand that.'
'And that this is something I didn't want for me, but you already know that.'
'Yes, you told me.'
'And that you don't have to worry about anything because as soon as you get out of this room, it's as if this never happened.'
'What is it that didn't happen?'
'This asshole...'

He kissed me.... passionately... like he's kissing a girlfriend...or boyfriend...or someone he really, truly fell in love with. His lips were soft and luscious, red and not too thick. Just right. His breath was intoxicating, not because of the beer we drank, but by the passion that fuels each kiss. I kissed him back, as passionately as he did. We made out for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, the moaning on the other side hasn't stopped. The queen bee is now taking a bite of Mr. Reptile's nipples. He warns him not to bite them or else. Mika's guy is now fucking his man. I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it. He sure looked like he needed some pain killers. After all, Mika is a bottom and it was his first time to fuck a guy--ever. Hence the skills haven't been fully developed just yet.

Leo noticed my eyes were open. He covered them with his right hand as we kissed some more. He started massaging my crotch area as my friend down there is slowly awakening with each moment our lips locked. I am in the moment. I can feel the love. I can feel the sexiness. I can feel so much passion. Leo was really a good kisser.

And it was just that. I didn't allow myself to be carried away so I pulled back and reminded everyone of the time. It was getting late and the bar was closing.

'See, where's the harm in that?' Leo smiled. He was right. I was holding myself back that I didn't get to enjoy the moment as much as I could. 'We could have done more, you know.'

He gave me a piece of paper which has his cellphone number.

'Well, I had a great time.'
'Was I good?'
'Oh is this some sort of a customer survey?'
'Haha, no. I just want to find out if there's a chance you're coming back.'
'It doesn't have to be here..'
'I don't think asking me out in a gay bar is a good idea.'

He paused for a few seconds. Looked at me and smirked. He held my hand and pulled me to the other side of the street. Mika and Queen Bee were about to get on the car. Someone called out my name. But I couldn't stop. Leo's grip was too tight and he was in a hurry.

We ended up standing beside a glowing billboard of a local restaurant.

'Okay, we're here.'
'Here where?'
'Well, you said I can't ask you out in a gay bar so we're out of that wicked place and we're here.'
'And I'd like to ask you again... would you want to watch a movie? Or do something. Not sex! Just hang out. Like a date but not a date. And not here. I'll be fully-clothed, don't worry.'

Mika called my attention. It's freezing outside and the sun is about to rise. The street lights were shut off one by one. The Queen had the look of someone wondering what the hell I was doing outside. The trick is to pack up and leave before the sun gives the people enough light to recognize us and see us leave the whore house.

I looked at Leo and whispered something to him.

I sat in the backseat. Mika was still telling The Queen about his first fuck. He was listening intently as if he's really interested. The Queen boasted off his reptile guy and Mika shot back at him saying his whore is more handsome. He was telling the truth.

'Hey Kai, how about you? What was that about--you whispering something to Leo?' Mika asked.

I smiled. Looked down. Touched my lower lip and smiled again.

'I don't know Mika. I really don't know.'


  1. well this turned out be a very interesting story - many many thanks for sharing.

    now the only question left is if this has a part 4, haha

  2. What what is that you said?!?!?!

    Nabitin ako. Hahahaha

  3. I want to ask you guys... would you have taken advantage of the situation?

    what's your take on 'paid sex'?

  4. basta ako virgin pa sa mga ganyan, hehehe. Perhaps u have some sets of principles behind your ears kai, you're just being prudent (tama ba to? hehehe)

  5. Hahahahaha! Grabeh sobrang natounge-tied ako dun ah! Wala akong ma-say......galing ng pangontrol mo kapatid. Saludo ako sa iyo!!!

    What's my take on "paid sex"? Sa tanda ko ba namang ito, di ko pa ba naranasan yan? My answer to that question is a big resounding "YES!!!". I had not only once but numerous buti na lang wala pang nangu-umbag sa akin. At laging nagse-second the motion o kaya madalas na para daw akong girlfriend nila in terms of utility, if you know what I mean. Pero ang pinaka-matindi sa mga naranasan ko eh yung isang nahagip ko sa StarMall sa Mandaluyong. He's a cross between Cezar Montano and Jay Manalo. At first parang Laila Dee lang siya but then nung inupuan ko sya't aba nagustuhan nung loko. Tapos naging at home na at home sya sa akin. Kaya the next time na nakita ko sya sa MegaMall sya tong nagyaya kahit daw wala ng bayad. Sayang nga lang I was with my friend then.

  6. @yoruosu12
    Hahaha! I am happy to say that this entry has a story connected to it... i'm still working on it though.

    Thanks for sharind this. When was this? How much did you pay the guy?

    My friend said it's the easiest way kasi. You pay them, they'll do whatever you want them to. Unlike when hooking up, you'll have to go through all the foreplay, ligawan and shit.

    what do you guys think?

  7. @ rocky: Glad you enjoyed it.. stay tuned for more...

    @Dave Ramirez: You're gonna have to wait for the next entry. but for now, take a guess, will you?

    @josh: perhaps yes it's just my ultra high standards...

    UP NEXT: Hookerville Diaries

  8. hay... next pa?!!!
    kai naman..
    what did you said bah!?
    sige naman oh. hehehe

    ang ganda ng story..

  9. HAHAHAHA - kilala ko si Queen Bee ngunit sino si Mika!??! Dalawa hula ko e. Si kabayo ba?

  10. Sige Kai! Sasagutin ko yung mga tinanong mo in a form of a short story rin, para mas exciting.....

  11. Kai, THANKS fro dropping by and dropping a comment sa blog ko. Urs is gud too and I'll link u up.

  12. Thanks for dropping by kai. Had the opportunity to read your previous posts and I loved them. Very nicely written, I’m an instant fan! =)

    Care to exlinks? =)