Sunday, September 23, 2007

Remembering Allen - The Second Act

Allen was clearly pissed. And as he saw his wallet being thrown by Lito, he saw his cards fall with it. He instantly thought of his driver's license, Social Security ID, his spare cash hidden somewhere in his wallet. He saw Lito stopped, probably still counting the money. He just withdrew cash before they left the mall because he was expecting to have a very long night and probably the next morning spent with the gorgeous young lad.

He felt anger, frustration, hate, embarrassment, and fear. But he suddenly snapped back to perspective. He stepped on the gas. Lito panicked as he saw his car. He probably thought he was going to run over him. But Allen knew better. Even before he could get any closer to where Lito was standing, he stopped. He got out of the car. They stared at each other.

He yelled at Lito, 'Coward!'

Then he went to that the other side of the car to pick up his wallet, his cards, and some pieces of papers that also fell from it.


6 months later...

Allen still hasn't gotten laid. His last encounter still haunted him. Two months ago, he agreed to join an orgy, thinking it would be safer since there were supposed to be more than 10 participants. He backed out the last minute after he saw a family friend's son at the meeting place.

His friends tried to make him feel more comfortable. They were eager to help him get over what happened to him. So on his birthday, they brought a big, muscled guy to his apartment. He didn't have to worry about dues as the guy has been paid. He didn't have to think about his safety because his friends will be staying in the living room while muscle man Ronald is fucking him.

He felt comfortable. And who can refuse to have sex with a man who looks like a local celebrity with the body of Carlos Agassi. He obviously works out, probably 3 hours a day. His arms were bigger that his. And most importantly, Ron didn't have any inhibitions. He was very comfortable when he kissed him while being introduced. When they went into his room, he fixed his room.

'We don't want stains on your sheets.' He whispered then kissed his shoulder.

He knows how foreplay is done well. At first Allen was scared when he pulled out a long ribbon and tied his hands to his bed. He yelled out his friends' names but Ron covered his mouth.

'Hey, calm down. I'm not going to kill you.'

He gave him a nice, big kiss. He then understood what he meant. He kissed his neck, licked his ears and the back of it...something he's never experienced before. Ron asked him if it was his first time to be with a man. He laughed saying it definitely isn't but it was the first time he enjoyed being with one.

It seemed to have given Ron more energy in doing his job. He didn't stop until he licked every part of Allen's body. He licked each toe, sucked them while touching himself. It gave Al an unexpected level of pleasure that he came without warning. They both laughed. Al told him to get the towel but Ron had a better idea.

He first released Allen from the bed. He let him lean against the wall while sitting down. Then he licked the cum off his chest. Al was shocked! He swallowed it, wiped the rest of it with his forefinger and put it in his mouth.

'Hmmm... sweet.' He said.

Suddenly he turned into an animal. He put on an angry face and asked him to turn around. He went for the condom on the side table. He put it on, spat on his covered dick for lubrication.

'I have KY jelly in my...' But he didn't let him finish. He put his dick in his ass and pounded heavily. He asked him to stand while he was still inside him. They went to the terrace and he fucked him there. He was careful not to scream as his neighbors might hear him but it was Ron who was making noises. It's either he's enjoying what he was doing or he's a great actor.

They went around the room, the bathroom, the tub, the shower. They fucked for at least four hours that night. Outside, only his friend Chit was left. The others left after realizing that the session with muscled man Ronald might be a long one after all.

They were done by 3AM. Ron was still asking for more, after cumming 6 times. It was Allen who called it a night. He thanked him and asked for his number.

'I'll give you mine if you give me yours.' He smiled.
'OF course.'

He gave him a tip, because he thought he really deserved it. He politely declined saying it wasn't part of the deal. He said he would be glad to accept it on their next encounter. Allen agreed.

And there was a second, fourth, seventh and tenth.

It stopped after the tenth.


  1. Provocative naman ang pic.. Nagulat tuloy pamangkin ko.. HeHe.

  2. Hmmmm, bakit kaya na-stop after the 10th? 3rd part pls...

  3. I believe there's another part to this particular story?