Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Vote for Me!

Well, what do you know? Our dear friend from Hush and Listen was kind enough to have us as a finalist for the G*Spot Weblogs Awards!

I don't expect to win (given the fact that big names are also on the list of nominees) but if you appreciate what I've written so far, what I've shared, perhaps you can take a few moments to vote for me.

Click here and scroll down a bit. The voting portion will be on the right portion of the site. Thanks for your support!


  1. Best of luck Kai! It came as a surprise to me as well since there are some pretty big names there like Gibbs and Can't You Read. Either way, it's nice to be apprecaited and you definitely deserve the recognition.

  2. Hi Kai!

    I already voted for you. Eh ano ngayon kung mga big names na sila basta ako I like your blog a lot and it definitely deserve recognition.

    Ciao and best of luck.

  3. the best of luck fer yew.. nice blog reads here ;)