Sunday, December 16, 2007

Great Expectations Page 6

++ My apologies for not being able to post entries lately. I've been busy celebrating the second anniversary of my blog and decided to take a break. And now, the story continues... ++


Victor and I became constant buddies since he apologised to me. It was an apology that was very hard for me to accept but I did. Why? Because I really like this person and he sounded very sincere when he said it. I really thought he meant it. So, after he said it, we laid out some rules for our newfound 'relationship'.

That's one thing though. We didn't really define this as a 'relationship'. We still fall under the standards of friends with benefits... also known as FUBU - Fuck Buddies.

'Don't call me that.' He said.
'Alright. Fuck mate?' I joked.
'Stop it. I mean it.'
'So, what do I call you?'
'You don't have to call me anything. Just... act normal.'
'So you expect me to call you..... DUDE?'
'Okay, wanna fuck DUDE?
'Fuck you.'
'Not today.'

I was more than relieved to hear that he had issues with calling me his FUBU. For one, we haven't really 'fucked', I'm still thinking about that. And there is no such thing as a SUBU - Suck Buddy. So I had to settle with 'dude'.

Being in this kind of relationship can be very difficult. I had to act normal - meaning I have to like NBA Live and act like I want to lick some girl's tits. He was so conscious about us looking like we're a couple so he constantly kept his distance and gave me a daunting look whenever I was becoming a little too touchy and sweet.

Yes, it is hard. But I still played the game. On Saturdays, he would drop by after work to get his regular dose of what would later be called the powersuck. I love the fact that he enjoys my smart tongue maneuvers that I've researched over the past few weeks, thanks to Corbin Fisher and the Horny Monks (email me on how to get these videos). I like it when he calls out my name and says 'Ahhhhh Kai! Shit! Ahhhh! I love it...'

One night, he told me he was kinda horny because he watched some soft porno movie in which the lead actress is someone he had a major crush on. He asked if he could drop by to see me. That was usually my queue that he wants to get his freak on.

But on that particular night, something truly amazing happened.

'Hey.... uhm.... DUDE!'
'You sound uncomfortable calling me that.'
'That's because this DUDE has been licking your balls?'
'Hushhhhhhh.... Can't you wait until I get in? The neighbors might hear you..'
'Okay sure... CUM in please!'

We went through the usual routine. I asked how his day was and he asked me the same question. I ordered Chinese take-out, which arrived 30 minutes later, I had champagne. He wanted orange juice. A little more small talk. Laughed a little.

'For what?' I was thinking it was the food.
'For this. You hanging out with me after I acted like a jerk.'
'That was weeks ago. You keep bringing it back.'
'I guess I'm just grateful that I got in touch with you again.'
'I know. I'm happy right now.'
'Yeah me too.'

I raised an eyebrow.

'You are?'
'Yeah, I really am. Here. With you.'

I stood up and got more drinks for myself. That was lovely to hear. I wish it came from his heart. Apparently, the champagne came at the right time. But of course, I was cautious. I controlled my feelings and pretended that I didn't care.

'You really... didn't have to say that just to get laid.'
'Who says I wanted to get laid?'
'Isn't that why you're here?'

I got a little nervous. I was not prepared for the inevitable 'yes'.

'I knew you'd say that.'
'Well, it's true isn't it? But don't worry, I'm okay with it.
'Kai ...'
'I'm just happy with this. Don't change the channel.'
'Kai... I--I'
'I'm totally cool with..'

And before I could finish, he gave me a big, sweet kiss on my lips. For a moment, I was speechless.

And then the next minute, I was in ecstasy.


  1. wow, hot steamy story.. turned into romantic love story...? my kind of thing..

  2. yeah [s]extasy :)

    I dunno but i keep shruggin myself to laugh out loud! this entry makes me laugh.

    Anyways, I hope the best for you and worst of course.

  3. Book & pls, now i'm looking for my fubu! hehehe

  4. This is certainly getting more and more complicated.

    I hope there's a happy ending after all this.