Friday, December 21, 2007

Great Expectations - Page 7 - Relationship Problems

Everything seemed perfect. I've got a hot guy whom I can be intimate with (only behind closed doors) and he is totally cool with it. My career has never been more exciting. I'm on top of my game. For the first time, I will be celebrating Christmas as someone's partner, 'other half'.... BOYFRIEND. And although he told me many times that he hates being called that, I secretly kept standing in front of the mirror every morning, giving myself a pat on the back saying, 'You picked well kid!'

But sex is sex and straight boys will be, well, boys.

He slept in my apartment one night because we got pretty drunk after watching porn. Apparently, one of the things he started enjoying is me imitating whatever the Corbin Fisher boys are doing in the videos. He liked it if we play a bit, if I kiss him on his cheeks, rub his dick on my face, poke my ass with it, ask me to kiss it, until I decide to devour his entire meat.

Problem #1

One thing I tried new since we started seeing each other is the (almost) daily dose of his huge cock. As I've said in the past, I am not really fond of cocks. I don't enjoy blow jobs. I think it's so boring to give someone a head. It also gives you a stiff neck especially if the guy you're giving one to pulls off a one-hour stint.

to be continued.......


  1. hmmm, this hardly seems perfect, but then again it all depends on what you're looking for, i suppose.

    on the flip side i've learned to love giving head over time. i dunno - i just can't explain it but i can never say no to it anymore. =P

  2. one hour!? well that's one hell of a job..

    thank god my boyfriend cums easily. heheeh..

  3. Yap, it's kinda boring if the person you're giving it doesn't know how to reciprocate the nice feeling his having like caressing your hair, saying sexy things or kissing you full lips and tongues every now and then.

  4. Give your guy a time..soon he'll reciprocate and be more comfortable with your body and not just you giving him a head

    Who knows if in the future you guys will actually be tearing bedsheets...weeeeeeh

  5. Be patient my child. *evil green*