Friday, August 17, 2007

Hookerville pt. 1

There's someone at work whom we call the Queen Bee. He is THE bee-otch who, after moving back to the Philippines, have discovered that he can be out and about and still be accepted by his friends. He is 40-45 years old, single and gay, and currently has four boyfriends from two continents, four cities.

We did not become close until we both fantasized about this hot guy at work who one day got drunk and allowed me, the Queen and another discreet gay guy to devour him in a straight bar, while the straight girls were watching.

It was then that we sort of became friends. We became even closer when we were assigned to do a special project. We stayed in an apartment with three lesbians and two other gays. The Queen is not flamboyant, but effeminate. I am a bit effeminate but more stiff. The other is a transvestite virgin.

One time, we talked about life of gay men and how our love lives were. Apparently, the Queen has been getting his boyfriends from Hookerville, giving them allowances, clothes, cell phone credits, and more all to have the illusion that he is in love with a partner and the hoping that the male whore would love him back.

'Why don't you have a boyfriend?' He asked me.
'I just choose to be single. Or maybe it's because I',m just not out there.'
'Look at me, I have four boyfriends and I'm loving it.'
'Hunny, I'm too damn poor to maintain four boyfriends and besides, who needs four?'
'I do.'

Sometimes, I can't stand him. He always talks about his boyfriend leaving his girlfriend AND wife for him and 'how much they both love each other.' In my mind, he was like a director, choreographing every move in their relationship while pulling some dough out of his thick wallet.

Paying for sex isn't really appealing to me. For one, I think that the ones who need to pay for sex are the ones who lived in the Queen's generation: the deprived ones who never got the taste of fresh, young dicks and oozing washboard abs at the gym because they lived at the time of bigotry and homophobia. And they're now desperately trying to catch up.

So with that, I understood the Queen's need to shell out as much cash as he can, just to be with someone. For with that, he feels secure and happy.


One Friday night, he asked us out for some wild night of entertainment in a gay bar. I refused at first, saying I've never been to one and that I'm too shy to get inside, fearing that other people might see me. Eventually, with stronger persuasion from the lesbian community, I decided to go and loosen up a bit.

+to be continued+


  1. hmmmn, i think its fun to be with ur company (i mean ur group). So what happens next?

    ur not out? (me also,hehehe) You sure u want to watch in UP film institute? Im still thinking if i wanted to cum, ahem, come...?

  2. What a cliffhanger!
    You have an amazing gift of story-telling, Kai!
    Good job!

  3. ahahahaha!
    sounds more like a queen mosquito though. :)

  4. I have gay friends but not really that out... and we have been fantasizing about going to gay bars for a chill out and fun... Its kinda tough here in Cebu, we have gay bars here but kinda more like a gogo bar...quite limited when it comes to performance... They dont have that little extra.. Hehehe..

  5. @josh i'm out na but i prefer not to talk about it... and some people still think i'm straight
    Sure! I'll watch sus, art naman e

    @clark - thanks!

    @isawsaw - i know you!

    @daizuke - there are more decent bars like bed and government although I haven't really been to those places. Watch out for the next installment as I will describe the scene inside the bar

  6. hmmm...i used to listen to a friend's friend who goes for pretty-young-things, providing them with cellphone load, spending for dates and giving allowances. and just like the queen, he's got anywhere from 3-7 boys at a time under his arm

    generally, i dont give a fig about paid sex--whether its from a whore or a clingy youngster--but when these queens announce it to the world as if they're really being courted and loved, please shut the goddamn fuck up! we all know that it's the money so dont go telling town like you're the town's it girl!