Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Porntifications 3.0

So here's the back story: About 7 years ago, a young college student was having a problem. He was supposed to go to Australia for an internship program but he didn't have cash. He had a day job - works at a semi-popular, semi-trashy bar -- but he needed more dough for his trip. Cash definitely has to come from somewhere else.

He knew he could do something about it. A man like him -- charming, handsome and sweet could definitely use his skills to get the money he needed. He was introduced to a producer who described himself as a 'hotshot', making movies that sold really well. When he asked Mr. Producer what titles he has worked on, he was shocked to learn that they were not box-office hits at all. In fact they were small, independently-released films.

He produces porn movies.

'What the fuck...so you weren't kidding when you..'
'No I wasn't. But..'
'Holy shit, I'm dating a porn star. Holy shit.'
'Can you please stop saying that?'
'Holy shit... is that why those old filthy gay guys were looking at us funny when we went to the bar?'
'No...I must have...'
'They must have a copy of your movie..'
'I doubt that and...'
'Holy shit.'

I don't know if it was the vodka I drank a few hours before the conversation or if it was a natural response to this situation. Should I feel better knowing that I am dating someone who makes money fucking someone else on DVD?

'Wait, you said that was 7 years ago.'
'Yes, and if you could sit down and listen I can explain more about my situation.'

I was overreacting. But his story still doesn't answer my question -- while he is here on the other side of the world, how does he manage to survive? How does he pay for bills? I've never seen him take any jobs here. He just stays in his apartment, calls me when he wants to meet up.

'There's something else.'
'Oh, of course there's something else.'

He told me that he got here because he was asked to be a model for a local clothing brand. And he did model for them -- three runway shows during Fashion week. Pay was not as high as he expected and he was quickly running out of cash.

'So I turned to the internet.'
'You're saying you made money online?'
'Yeah I did -- I do.'
'Oh yeah, I've heard about that. I think I've read somewhere that people earn money through their blogs?'
'No, this is... this is something else Kai.'

When he got a little too desperate, he was sad all day. Good thing he had his laptop and he was stealing wi-fi signals from the guy who lives on the same floor of his building. He said it was an accident. He went to a gay personals site, and put on his cam. The guy he was chatting with was a bit old, he wasn't showing his face but he could tell by his skin.

'He asked me to take off my clothes and to jack off.'
'And you did?'
'Yeah, I told him I'd do it if he gives me 50 dollars.'

The man, excited about his bulge was more than happy to oblige. He got his email address and transferred money through his PayPal account.

'And from then on, I just started doing it.'
'You get paid to jack off?'
'Well, not just that. I show my ass, pour oil on my chest, spank myself. You have no idea how crazy people can be when it comes to sex.'
'Yeah, I just found out today.'
'Some of my viewers are from here. A lot of them are from other countries. So I get money in different currencies.'
'And you get the money by...'
'Western Union. PayPal. And oh there's this cool thing you do with your cellphone and you can transfer funds.'

So he really is an actor of some sort.

'I do whatever they want me to do.'
'And you get paid for it.'
'Do you... do you ever fuck someone?'
'NO.. no. I swear.'
'Have someone suck you?'
'NO. Absolutely not.'
'Coz, you said you do whatever they say..'
'Well, everything but I do it alone. You don't have to worry about that. I only like to fuck you.'

He hugged me, tried to kiss me but I was still quite uncomfortable with his revelation.

'Hey, I hope this doesn't change anything between us.'

I forced a smile.

'I have to do it. See, here's what I made so far.' He showed me a small box with lots of cash in it -- in Euros, Dollars and Pesos.

'Are you.. also going to hotel rooms offering room service?'
'NO, come on. I don't have to. I do it online.'
'Wow. You really are a porn star.'

He looked down as if unhappy with that comment.

'Okay, I'm gonna go. Now.'
'Wait, come on don't leave. I made plans for us.'
'Oh, you didn't tell me I already have plans.'
'It was supposed to be a surprise.'
'Trust me, what I need right now is a shock absorber.'
'Hey, please don't let this bother you okay? I do this because I have to. Not because I want to.'
'Of course, you also think it's fun right?'

I cut the conversation short with that question. I left his unit wondering where I'm going. I made that excuse to take some time to think about what he told me.

Then, I said to myself: '50 dollars to see someone jack off? That's some expensive cum he got.'


  1. ang maharlika naman

    is the guy's cum gold?

  2. Wow.

    Is that picture real or only for illustrative purposes? :-)

  3. @Turismoboi:

    Nope. And I still havent seen someone ACTUALLY pay him that much so I don't know if he was just exaggerating..

  4. @vince

    Haha... the photos here are just props. sorry to disappoint.