Monday, April 4, 2011


I've had only a few encounters with waiters. I don't exactly know if it's the pleasure of being served or just the slightest show of flirtation that excites me.

Some years ago, I had a huge crush on this waiter at Pizza Hut. He was very tall, very masculine, and his smile was to die for. He probably figured out that I liked him by the time I visited the restaurant for the 5th consecutive time and talked to no other waiter but him. But he was obviously straight. And I was still in the closet.

My first bold move happened in Malate. I was with a friend who knew almost everyone in all the gay establishments in the area - from waiters, to go-go boys, to owners and bouncers. Like a newly outed gay man, he introduced me to the cute waiters of O bar one by one. It was almost like an audition. He asked them to smile, kiss me on the cheek, shake my hand and go. I wasn't interested in anyone.. until I met Chris.

Chris was undeniably straight, and a new waiter I figured. He was very awkward and extremely nice, unaware of the watchful eyes of the gays waiting for him to hand them the drinks they ordered. I was one of them.

I gave him a tip. I tucked it in his pocket while 'accidentally' touching his crotch. The size intrigued me for a moment. He smiled. And walked away after giving me his number on a sheet of paper.

I texted him a couple of times and asked if we could hang out. He politely declined the offer saying he only works there...but doesn't entertain sidelines.


Perhaps the boldest attempt at getting a waiter was done by a former colleague. We were at a restaurant up north when he asked the waiter where we could find guys for hire. The man, who look liked he gets this question everyday, mentioned a couple of places before saying, 'or you can get me sir. Just let me know when.'


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  1. Now I know why people think I'm a Pizza Hut waiter. Because I also have that "smile to die for". haha.