Monday, January 22, 2007

Quarantine pt. 1

It started with a joke. I was on the 2nd floor and someone was calling out my name. I tried to ignore it because it was the flamboyant gay guy whom I played volleyball with and lost.

Orange: Kai! Kai!
Me: HUH?

He was pulling another gay guy towards him. They were laughing at something. I thought it was me. Then he yelled out:

Orange: Kai! Puke ka! (Kai, you're a pussy!) It was the 90's. Sexual revolution was very much in. But sexual language game was forbidden. So I went straight to the Moderator's office and told her that Orange said something indecent to me in public.

I felt some sort of fulfillment. If I wasn't able to take this guy out at the Volleyball game, I sure can kick his ass into the principal's office with this. Boy, I was so wrong.

Instead, it was ME who was called by our grade level moderator because I 'have some explainign to do." There she was sitting behind her desk. I was thrilled to hear something like 'we told his parents. Thanks for letting us know. you're a great kid. Here's your medal.' But what I got was an angry old lady infront of my face.


"I beg your pardon?"

"Orange told me that you were imitating my voice and making fun of me in front of the class. WHY?! Do you think I have a funny, strange voice Kai?! Does it tickle you a bit when I even say a when I'm talking right now? Tell me! Tell me!"

I wasn't ready for this.

"Tomorrow I want to see your parents. I need to talk to them. This whole gay thing has to stop once and for all!"

"Ms. L, hold on a second. If you think I am gay.."

"Mr. Santorino, I know what to say and when to say it and who to say it to."

Shit. I was in deep shit. I didn't know what to tell my mom. She'd probably ask my dad to go and he would push me against the wall. 'Be a MAN!'

The next thing I knew. I was at home. My mom was explainign to me how frustrated she was and that she wanted to know the truth. "Mrs. L said you were being linked to other boys..."

'Duh... mom. Haven't you noticed? It's an all-boys school."

"...and that you were good friends with the gay guys. She said she doesn't think you're gay but hanging out with this kind of group will definitely influence you. Greatly influence you. They gave me a warning.."

What?! A Public Warning?!

"It's a 'private' warning. I just found out that Raffy, the guy from your grandmom's neighborhood, got kicked out of your school because of this. HE was gay and nobody at home knew. His mother couldn't believe it. She thought the teacher was kidding or something.

That's why I think it would be in our best interest to force you to avoid these kids. WE"RE DOING THIS FOR YOU, son."

"What's the plan?"

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