Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quarantine pt. 2

The plan was simple. If we can't beat them...err no we're not gonna join them... we're gonna have to avoid them. I don't know exactly how the conversation went. It was my mom who told me of their ingenius plan to solve my 'problem'.

Here's the thing: no matter what they do, these gay kids will still be in school. Their parents are paying for big amount of money to keep them in a good school. They thought the only way to solve this is for me to lessen my interaction with the other gay kids.

When it comes to reports and other activities that require us to group ourselves, I wasn't allowed to be part of the gay kids' group. I was only allowed to stay with the straight ones. I was also encouraged to join their manly activities such as basketball, table tennis, taekwondo and being part of the Knights of the Altar.

Well, the last one didn't really work out. I was glad that the group's complete so I had to be part of the readers and song leaders. I did great.. I was a gospel diva.

The worst part of the plan is for me to stay indoors. By indoors, I meant I was not allowed to leave the floor during my breaks. My mom said I could buy my food before going to school and eat it in the classroom. My class adviser had a better idea. She asked me to run some errands for the entire faculty team.

My friends started wondering. When they ask, I just tell them that it's something personal and I didn't want to discuss it. I'm glad they didn't force me. But I did cry when my friend sang me a song. It was about saying goodbye to a friendship you really gave importance to.

The quarantine lasted for two months...

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