Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From Condoms to Roses

I once had a fling who was an extremely horny guy. He begged me for to have sex with him all the time, in the strangest places, and the most dangerous ones too. The first time we did it was in a restroom in the Metro. We were both in the one and only cubicle inside. He was on the toilet bowl while I stood in front of him, careful not to moan while he sucked the energy out of me.

He sucked really well. I could tell he was really horny that day. For a minute I thought he was on drugs. I didn’t think someone clean and sober can be that good in giving a blowjob. It was the first time we met but not the last time we did it in a public place.

He became a regular fuck buddy. I’ve never had so much fun in my life. For one, I was very flattered. Every time we’d have sex, he would beg for my body, as if I am something he really wanted all his life. And after we do it, he would thank me for making him happy. He would give me a smile, seduce me, and ask if I could do another round. I never resisted. I simply couldn’t.

We didn’t officially define our relationship. We did, however, try to resolve the issue of finding us a place to fuck by sharing an apartment – a decision we both made since we also needed a place to stay. He came from the province and was then kicked out of his aunt’s house. I was then reaching the end of my contract with my landlady.

He was not a romantic guy. We never acted like we were couples. But in bed, we were a great match. I fucked him in every corner of our apartment – the living room, bathroom, kitchen, on the dining table, the veranda, fire exit, and of course, in our bedroom. I finally accepted the fact that some people might not be compatible as a couple but they can be great partners in bed.

On the third month, I noticed something changed in him. He was not as horny as he used to be. He never brought someone home (and the security’s guest list has verified this.) I first thought he might have found a better top but then it was pretty hard to imagine since we were always together. In fact, we even got closer than ever. He spent more time with me.

Then I thought, is he trying to turn this into an actual relationship? Is it possible for a sexual encounter to turn into a serious relationship?


  1. Wow. Talk about complicated. Maybe one day you can talk to him about it. Buti na yung pareho kayo ng iniisip - before it goes out of hand... and it can... so be careful and good luck!


  2. Hmmm... a possibly interesting turn of events. But nothing good will come out of it unless both are on the same page and have the same expectations. I guess I'll have to wait for the continuation. :)

  3. My! I think I know how this story ends. Scary as hell. Having this sort of thing as of the moment and it's gonna fuck up my life big time. Sweet Jesus!

  4. so, are you up to the idea that something might grow from a fuck buddy?

    hmm.. ako? i dunno. i can't quite picture it yet.

  5. haaaaaaayy kei. i really need me a Fubu! anyone?

    oopps. sorry akala ko thread ng g4m i2, hehehe. another story to tickle us! :)