Monday, July 21, 2008

Masseur experience (Fin)

The similar thing happened. I was there and this masseur named Derrick or Erick (I forgot which one it is) was there. He asked me to remove the towel I wore around my shoulders. I was only wearing my shorts. He asked me to lie on my chest while he start with my back. The massage was very ... sensual. He wasn't big with conversation unlike other masseurs. I like it that way.

He slowly reached for my lower body. He gently slid down my shorts which exposed my butt. I was very shy but then he started massaging it like he didn't care so I was okay. The way he massaged it, I thought he was already on to something.

'Is the pressure okay?'
'Uhm, yeah. Yes it is.'

He was kneading my ass for a good five minutes now and I couldn't help but wonder, did my buns look so stressed that he felt he had to massage it for that long? And that's when it started. He focused on one cheek. It was great. And when he moved to the other, I noticed he was touching my crack a lot. I didn't mind it at first but then it was as if he was looking for my hole. I tried to keep it together, my face was covered but I couldn't hide my expression. I was excited.

As he put his hands, following the shape of my ass, he slowly touched my balls like it was an accident -- but it sure wasn't. I moved a bit, trying to see if the second time would be different but it wasn't. In fact, he touched it even more but you can tell he's pretending that it's all part of the massage. And then, a few seconds after, he did a technique that massaged half of my balls, went up my ass and separated the cheeks and caressed my hole.

I think I moaned a little.

'Sir? Was the pressure too much?'
'Uhm, no it's... fine.'

Fuck the pressure. The guy was obviously playing with me. When he was done with my back, he asked me to lie on my back. He knelt on the edge of the bed near my head and started massaging my shoulders. It was great. It was great until I was shocked when he started massaging my chest. It wasn't just an ordinary massage. He was going through my nipples, slowly, gently, and not just the areola but the tip itself. Though it was extreme uncomfortable and was a pain in the gut, I struggled not to have an erection because I thought, if I'm wrong and this guy's really just trying to give me a massage, then that would be so embarrassing.

He went to the other side of the bed. My face was covered with a towel but I could see him looking at me, then he looked at my dick which, at that time was starting to gain some muscle. He was massaging my right hand when suddenly, he went for my stomach area. I was shocked that I almost sat but immediately went back to my previous position and apologized. I told him it tickles.

Then, he massaged my thighs, this time completely touching my balls as my dick slowly stood up until it exhibited a full erection right in front of the masseur. As if touching my balls wasn't enough, he massaged the area around my hard penis, careful not to touch my big gun. He used both hands to massaged my thighs. I didn't realize I was moaning so hard until he put his arm on my hard dick, massaged my stomach while his arm was slowly, slowly massaging my very, very, very hard tool.

I was somehow in a state of shock. I didn't know what to do. Am I going to give in and grab his dick too? Are we gonna have sex right now? Who's going to blow who? How much am I supposed to pay for all this?

When he sensed that I was a bit uncomfortable, he asked again:

'Sir, everything okay?'
'Uhm, yeah but could you stop with the stomach. It tickles. Sorry.'

I thought of apologizing for my hardon but I realized it would be too embarrassing.

When the massage was done, he asked if I wanted to stay. I told him yes I would love that. He then covered my body with towels and told me to cum -- I mean come again next time. I asked for his name and he gave it to me, only I didn't know if it was Derrick or Erick. Or maybe it was something else. I was still hung over by what just happened.

And let me tell you, my dear friends, it was the most orgasmic thing I've ever experienced - like it was sex without THE sex. No man has ever touched me that way hahaha!

Something tells me I'm gonna be back for more...



  1. this is so hot!!!!! kai, pls share where this place is, please....

  2. Sex itself isn't what makes the experience memorable. It's the sensations, feelings and sense memories that it creates that really makes the difference.

    Glad you had a "good" time despite the lack of the stereotypical happy ending. =D

  3. @ Shoti: LOL

    @ Rocky: It was beyond good and great! But yeah it didn't end 'well' but it was fun

  4. this blog always stimulates my dirty mind. and b4 u know it, i'm starting to do things that wud further burn more calories. ur stories are always engaging.

  5. Welcome back Reyville! Thanks for the kind words!

  6. saang spa ba yan?