Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Masseur experience (first of Three parts)

I've always wondered what it's like to be in those massage parlors which offer 'extra services' to their patrons. I have been invited numerous times but I politely decline every time I'm asked. I'm too scared to get their service, let alone be seen anywhere near those places as there are tons of TV shows which targets popular gay spots for ratings. I wasn't willing to be part of their game.

Once, I was supposed to have a massage from a guy I met online. He said he knows one of the best Sensual Massage techniques. I was dilly-dallying, unsure if it's safe to meet him in a hotel room. He waited for nearly an hour until I finally had the courage to go to the room and get serviced.

I was pissed. Not only did he attempt to do everything in a jiffy, he pulled out his cock and forced it into my mouth as soon as he started. I asked myself, Is this how this is supposed to be done? I made him feel like I'm irritated but he didn't budge. He just massaged me a bit, stroked his cock occasionally, and asked me to suck his cock. That's the service I am never going to ask from my masseur.

'I was hoping I'd still be getting that Sensual Massage.' I said.
'You were a bit late and I still have to be somewhere.'
'Another customer?'
'No, another job.'
'Well, can I at least get what I came here for?'
'Isn't this what you wanted?'

The guy had clearly no idea. I gave him the payment I agreed to pay and stormed out of the hotel room. I left him wondering why I left a sexy, naked masseur like him alone, without even sucking him or stroking his cock. I was pissed.


The second masseur experience I had was better. At least he knew how to give a good massage. He was a bit of a flirt too, which I really liked about him. He kept pretending to touch my balls and penis by accident. I tried so hard not to have a hardon but it was just so difficult. When it came to massaging my chest, he had to knead my skin like a soft dough. It gave me one of the most exciting reactions of my body. My dick was extra hard by the time he focused on my nipples.

He went down, massages my pelvis and skipped my cock. He massaged my legs. And just when my cock was obviously beating like crazy, he massaged it, put his two hands around it and started stroking it. I was shocked. Even better, he sucked my cock without any inhibitions. Though I knew how he was just forced to do so, I admire him for at least trying.

I sucked him too, he had a huge cock. Then, he put my cock betweek his legs, and pretended like I was fucking him. It reminded me a little bit of my ex, who liked doing that too. So I decided to switch. I put his thick cock between my hairy legs. He was moaning and it didn't sound THAT fake. I'd like to think it may have made him feel horny too.

That was hot.

But something hotter did happen just a few days ago.

To be continued....


  1. I'll never get the appeal of dry-humping between another guy's legs - sure there's sensation, but there are MUCH better things to do.

    I have to admit I'm curious about this kind of massage as well, but I doubt I'd ever have the guts to do it.

  2. Hey kai,

    What ever happened to the hunk IT guy story? Can we expect a conclusion or that's it na?


  3. I've been rather fortunate in my "happy end" massages. They've all been skilled and attractive men and the experiences all ended very happily indeed.

  4. I hope the 2nd part will not take eternity to come... since the conclusion of the other story is lost in cyberspace... haay..

  5. @ rocky:

    A LOT of guys actually like that. It's weird but yeah it does feel great especially if the guy is so hot! LOL

  6. @ will:

    Glad you had 'better' encounters...
    I did have my share of hot encounters but that masseur was just rude and I didn't like it... really

  7. @ the anonymous boys

    Haha! Due to insistent public demand, I will be releasing the Hunky IT guy story soon after the
    2nd part of this story is posted. Sorry to have kept you guys waiting... I was still thinking if I will wrote about what happened ... for one, Hunky IT guy saw me reading my blog so he suspected that this is mine. I denied it and he believed me. Ihope he ain't reading this. The clues are just so damn obvious!

  8. GAWD. wish I had tht same experience like tht.

    I've attempted a lot times like yew.. but to my courage is nut enuff.

  9. Yahoo! Can't wait for the part two of both stories! :-)

  10. Hey Kai, I just wanted to get this link to you for the glory holes. I will post more this week. Probably Tuesday. Here ya go bud.