Sunday, June 29, 2008

SHELTER: Must-see gay-themed film

I am not in the habit of posting videos on my blog but this one's an exception. I always look out for good quality gay-themed movies and found one called 'Shelter'. I found out about it through the ads online when it was about to be shown in the US. Then, Migs shared the theme song on his blog. I figured I should just download the movie than wait for it to come out on DVD.

This movie is excellent. It's not your typical gay-themed movie where two men fall in love and all the cheesiness begins. I like that the director made it look very realistic (at least in my book) and the story is great. The actors are hot as hell too. Here are two clips: first is the official trailer and the other is the music video of 'Lie To Me', probably one of the best songs from a movie I've heard since Juno's Anyone Else but You.

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  1. AGREE! Super lovely ang film na ito. Planning to get the DVD eventually...