Sunday, March 15, 2009

3:59 AM

I became immobile for a moment. Mortified is an understatement to describe how I felt that moment. There I was thinking we were having a hot private moment. Who knows how long the roommate has been watching me fuck 'power bottom'?

'Did we wake you?' PB asked.
'No.. no. Actually I got thirsty.'

We were still on the couch. Me inside him. I wasn't moving at all.

And to make the situation even more awkward, the roommate moved closer as if inspecting what just happened on their couch. He kept trying to get a good view of my cock still inserted in his friend's hole. He was smiling, enjoying the sight of me - the mortified visitor, barenaked with his friend still sitting on my lap.

'I think I better wash up.' He finally said.
'You do that.'

He stood up, revealing my [still] hard cock wrapped in ultra thin condom filled with cum. The rubber was clean. He really was a good bottom. Knows his stuff.

I motioned for power bottom to give me a tissue but he ran upstairs. His friend grabbed the roll of tissue but didn't give it to me.

'Let me help you with that.'
'Man, you're still hard.' He looked at my cock as if he wanted to have it too. I didn't smile. I just sat there thinking what could possibly happen next.

He pulled s few sheets of tissue and slowly - very slowly - pulled the condom from my cock. There was a weird sensation while he was doing it. I looked at him and he was biting his lip while doing this, he was making a moan-like sound. My cock responded.

'Ooh. Someone still wants to play.'

I smiled.


He showed me the way to the 2nd bathroom. He left for 1 minute and came back with a clean towel. Power bottom was nowhere to be found. Probably still washing up.

Roommate knocked on the door - but instead of giving me the towel, he went inside and locked the door behind him. He smiled and started splashing water on me. I obliged. What's the harm of having someone give me a nice quick bath?

It took 5 minutes . He kept massaging my hard cock - used two soaps and a feminine wash. Yes, a feminine wash.

'They say this keeps you clean.' He laughed. I smiled.
'That should keep me clean all day now, thank you.'

He wiped me clean. He smiled and I politely asked for the towel. He gave it to me. I wiped my face dry while he sat on the toilet bowl and started sucking my cock. I didn't have time to react. He was absofuckinglutely a better sucker than his friend. I lost my balance for a second and almost fell on the bathroom floor but he pushed me against the bathroom door.

He was in a hurry, as if scared of getting caught by his friend. I moaned, and moaned and pulled his hair - I didn't know whether to stop him or not. I just came twice and my legs are weak from the energy I released a few moments ago.

But he knew better. He didn't stop. As I try to keep pulling his hair, he did my favorite - deep throat - even better he put my cock and my huge pair of balls in his mouth. He gagged for a minute but managed to keep everything in - all these while playing his wet tongue on my balls. I can't describe how much pleasure that brought me.

I came after a couple of minutes but much less than the first and second round. He wiped his mouth clean. ' Ahhh. Wow.'

I was still catching my breath. I left the bathroom while he gargled with some mouthwash. I sat on the same couch and waited. Power bottom suddenly reappeared, this time in his boxers ready to hit the sack. His roommate came out of the bathroom.

'I bought juice it's in the red pitcher.'
'Yeah, I found it. ' He grinned.

It was time to leave.

'Hey thanks dude. Here's my number. ' He typed it on my phone. 'Next time.' He winked. I winked back.

I said goodbye to his friend. He said, 'Yeah, feel free to come back.' I almost laughed.


  1. man, I don't know what I find more envious - the exciting diversity of your sex life or how skilled you are in retelling the tales and putting them into words.

    for the second item alone I'd so sleep with you, haha

  2. is that u in the photo? u're effing hot, then. heh...