Sunday, February 15, 2009


It was a typical Saturday night for me: workout at the gym, light dinner with friends, short fuck before I hit the sack and 5-7 times of flirting with your eyes. I realized sex after a full body workout is quite tiring but I couldn't sleep at all. I went through my DVDs - mostly movies and shows I've seen more than once. I watched 'Eating Out 2' one more time and jacked off during one of the hot scenes.

I looked at my watch. It's 230 AM.

After all the things I've done, I decided to leave my place and grab something to eat. I immediately thought of McDonalds: hot chocolate and Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Yum.

I splashed water on my face. Combed my hair a bit and put on my shorts. I held up my shirt and looked at myself in the mirror. Damn. Still a lot of work to be done.

I arrived to McDonalds around 245 AM. They're not serving breakfast yet. I went outside, waiting for them to bring out those muffins while I smoke one stick of Marlboro lights.

And that's when it started.

I was not paying attention to my surroundings. I was focused on the lady at the counter and the food she was serving to the girl in red shorts. A man came up to me and asked, 'Can I have a light?'

'Sure.' I handed him my lighter. He looked at me funny. No, he was checking me out.

'Are they serving breakfast yet.'
'No, I'm waiting for it.'

He stood beside me. I was still looking at the counter but I can feel him staring at my crotch. Suddenly, I get a hardon. He noticed.

'Whoa, it's pretty cold here outside.'
I smiled and tried to cover my crotch. 'Yeah.'
'Good time.'

I didn't know how to respond. The next thing I knew, he moved to the other side of McDonalds, looking back signaling for me to follow him. I got the message that it's going to be another hot encounter. I followed him.

We went into a narrow street where the houses are smaller and the street lights were all down. It was dark but I got to see his face when a car passed by. He was kind of my type. Not too short, nice arms (but not too muscular). I can see his nipples stiffen and I imagined licking them as he says 'Oh yeah'.

'What's your name?'
'Oh, great. My name is power bottom.'
'Where are we heading?'
'Some place hot.'

We went to his apartment. It was dark but I saw him take off his shirt. In an instant, he kissed me. I kissed him back. It was nice. Good start. I tried to unbutton his pants but he pushed my hand away.

'Let me do my job.'

I sat on the couch and he took off my shirt. Then my underwear. Then he sucked my cock which by that time was on full erection, ready to be licked and devoured.

I tried to caress him but he stopped me again. He pinned me down and shook his head. Oh yes, I don't get to do anything. He's the power bottom. I'm there to just enjoy. He sat on my legs and kissed me some more.

'You're hot.'
'You're hot too.' I said while struggling to free my arms.

I decided to stick out my tongue, telling him to move his chest nearer so I can taste his nipples. He obliged. It was as delicious as I imagined when I first saw them. He moaned and moaned and told me I was good. I stopped to remind him that I wasn't gonna do anything more than that.

He seemed to have gotten the message. He sucked me again - deepthroat this time. I pushed his head so he can go further and he did. His other hand was wandering, trying to get hold of something. It was the condom in the pocket of his shorts. It was sexy the way he put on the condom with his mouth. Nice and easy. Then he went fast. Then nice and easy.

'Don't move.'
'Yes sir.'

He sat on my cock and kept pushing my shoulders. He was obviously enjoying it.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!'
'Ahhhh... fuck. You're..ahhh... Fuck! Shit!'

He controlled the depth that my cock could reach. No one has ever done this to me. I've never been so submissive as a top. He went fast that my cock was hurting but he looked like he was about to cum so I didn't mind. He stopped, turned around and I started to lick his back while he was still grinding and moaning and masturbating and saying all nasty things.

'Keep doing that!' He commanded. I piched his nipples as he moaned even more. And in an instant, I decided to take control of the show.

I put my hands under his thighs and stood up while I was inside him. He screamed as I reached deeper into his G spot. I put him down and pushed him against the wall and fucked him like crazy.

It didn't last too long. It was way too hot for both of us not to explode anytime soon. He yelled, 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming!' I came before he did.

We stopped for a minute. I was still inside him. I was still pushing him against the wall. I tried to get my cock out of his ass but he grabbed my butt and pushed it against his.

'Not yet. Stay in me.'

I agreed. I carried him again while he moaned quietly.I sat on the couch and he felt my cock touch his G Spot.

'Fuck. Ahhhh. Shit. That was hot.'
'You're still hard.'

Truth is, I was tired. But I don't remember ever getting soft after a hot encounter like this.

'I can still feel you.'
'Is that a good thing?'

Suddenly, the lights were on. I see a guy with almost the exact same built staring at us. The guy I fucked didn't seem shocked at all.

'This is... my roommate.'

I struggled to smile. My hands were on his waist and I didn't know if I had to hide behind him. We were both naked and wasted and filled the room with the smell of sex.

'Nice.' The roommate said.

Now what?