Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today I got mock-fucked. You know, the other guy puts his cock in your ass but not IN you. I went to Robinsons Manila to watch Oz: The Great and Powerful (great movie by the way) when I noticed a few guys standing in the back. The theatre wasn't exactly full so we already know what's going on back there. I went to the restroom then stood by the concrete divider. There were four of us. One guy was tall, kinda chunky but also kinda hot. The second guy was ugly but was so eager-horny. The third one was lanky and shy.
So here's what happened. I flirted with Guy #1 and he let me suck his dick. At first, the size was disappointing but I am a 'skilled worker'. His cock was ginormous in no time. Tasted great too. We heard steps. Someone was approaching. We stopped and switched partners. I was being sucked by Guy #2. He was fucking good. He knew how to play with his tongue and he licked every fucking inch of my cock. VERY SKILLED indeed. My favorite (which is normally not really my favorite but this guy was so good so..) was when he sucked me around the shaft, licked it like melting ice cream and put everything in his mouth in a split second. That was hot. Then we heard steps again. We stopped. Then switched partners again.
Before the wizard defeated the witches, Guy #1 was now being sucked by Guy #2. The two were at it like they didn't know what subtle means. The scene was so hot I wanted to take a video and post it on Xtube. On the other hand, Guy # 3 was playing with my ass cheeks. He moved his fingers around it. Suddenly, I was surprised when he pulled my shorts and put his cock inside me. No condom but of course, he didn't even get through gate 1. I pretended he was already in me, I moaned. He liked it. I was being mock-fucked! It was hot! I just imagined it was real. Minutes later, a splash of cum covered my ass. Great. My underwear was soiled. I ran to the restroom and wiped his cum with tissue. He gave me a pat on the back like I did something great. He smiled at me and left. Then he came back. He spanked my right ass cheek. He smiled again then left.
Have you ever been mock-fucked?


  1. Ooh, you went with a Dynamic theme! And you were somewhat frotted in public!

    Welcome back!!!

  2. Hey @Rocky I changed it already. Found a way to get around my problem with the template