Sunday, July 21, 2013

[Work Series] The IT guy pt. 1

I started with a new company a couple of months ago. It's great. New job, new beginnings.

New hot boys too.

I was looking at this very quiet systems administrator from the IT department. He's about 5'9" and is extremely buff. They say he works out for a couple of hours everyday at the nearby gym. It shows. His biceps were monstrous. Of course, I only looked from a distance. I was, after all, technically his supervisor. I work on several IT projects and they report to me.

I've never been good at flirting. The first time we had a real conversation, I asked about some IT stuff. Still about work. That's bad. I waited until he started cracking jokes before I asked him personal questions.

Is he married? No. But he has a domestic partner and they have 2 kids.

Is he gay? Definitely not. He's as straight as an arrow - which makes it more exciting.

Does he have a big cock? We're going to find out soon.

I hope nobody noticed that I have been calling IT more frequently to fix the slightest issues I have with my computer. Blurry screen? Call IT. Screen froze for 5 seconds for no reason? Call IT. Internet connection's gone cold? Call IT.

I would always look for Carlo. That's his name.

The first time I thought that getting him was a possibility happened when my files won't sync. Something to do with the connection. I called IT and they sent Carlo to fix it. His sexy Ilonggo accent was intoxicating. It was a Friday. He wore a tight, red Ferrari shirt that exposed his big pecs. They're to die for. Temperature was pretty cold in my office so yes... his nipples stood at attention. I almost licked them when he stood in front of me.

He didn't ask me to leave my desk. Instead, he moved more closely. My arm was sort of scratching with his muscular biceps. I was breathing more slowly than usual. He looked at me and started asking me questions. He scratched his head, showing me more muscles as he bent his left arm.

Then I finally asked him.

"I have this thing with my personal laptop. The OS is sort of - for a lack of a better term - fucked."

"That's easy. We can back up your files and reformat your laptop. Just bring it here tomorrow."

"It's too heavy... and I don't think the guards will let me bring a personal laptop."

He smiled. "Then I can probably drop by this Saturday to check it out."

I squinted. Then smiled. "Sure. Text me what time you can drop by."

"I don't have your number."

"Here you go.. XXXX XXXXXXXX"

And that's how this IT affair started.

To be continued...

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