Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Work Series] The IT guy pt 2

Carlo was absent on Thursday. He didn't confirm if he's going to my place to "fix" my laptop. That's another thing. There was nothing wrong with my laptop. I haven't figured out what I should tell him. Of course, I have to lie about it. I'll figure something out.

The following day, he apologized for being absent and promised he will work on my other requests as soon as possible. And he did. That's what really turns me on. He's smart, he's sexy, and he delivers. I wonder if he's the same when he's in my bed.

It was 5'o clock in the afternoon. He went to my office and confirmed if the visit is a go. Of course I said yes. He said he'll drop by around 6PM because he'll be coming from a basketball practice. Nice. I gave him my unit number and directions on how to get there. I was so excited.

He arrived 5 minutes past 6. He apologized for being late. I was wearing very short shorts and my loose shirt. He was still in his basketball shorts. I showed him my other laptop (the one that really had a problem with the OS) and he started fixing it.

"You want beer?"


"I have that and a stronger one... or wine."

"I'll have the light, Sir."

"Good choice."

He was sweating like crazy. The entire process lasted for about an hour. We talked a little about how to fix it the next time it happens. He taught me how to back up my files. He told me where he lives and all that shit.

By the time he's done, I asked him if he wanted to use my bathroom to take a quick bath.

"Can I? I smell like shit."

I laughed. "Not really. But go ahead."

I watched him take off his clothes. I gave him a clean towel. Doesn't he know I'm gay? He took off his pants like he was in a locker room. I got a 5-second glimpse of him wearing only his underwear just before he quickly wrapped himself with the towel. Of course, I deliberately gave him the small towel. He looked damn sexy.

Fifteen minutes later, he was dripping wet. I was sitting on my couch trying to cover my hard on.

"Sorry sir, your floor is wet."

"That's okay..."

He quickly realized that all of shirts were soiled and his shorts were full of his sweat.

"Shit." He said while scratching his head.

"No worries. You can use my washing machine. I have a dryer. It'll dry in no time. You're not in a hurry, are you?"

"Not really. Is it okay if I stay for a little bit?"

Of course my response was a resounding yes.

I gave him a couple more bottles of beer. By the time he finished his third, he was already tipsy. His clothes were still in the washing machine. He was still wrapped in my small towel. When he stood up to reach for the bottle, the tiny knot broke revealing his gorgeous pelvic muscles. Hanes - that's what his underwear says.


"That's okay." I smiled.

I picked up the towel and gave it to him. But I deliberately shoved it to his crotch.

"Hehe, sir. You're trying to wake up the beast."

I just smiled. "Did I?"

"Just kidding."

"I'm not."

He gave me a confused look. His cock was still hard. I could see it. He didn't cover it with the towel. He was just standing there in front of me as if waiting for something to happen.

"So.." I said.

"So...." He smiled.

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