Saturday, May 17, 2008

the TRIP - part deux

Mike was begging for me to swap rooms when he found out that hunky Howard from IT was going to stay in the same room with me. He offered to do dozens of favors but none of them were particularly appealing. I did want him to envy me until the end of the trip. I figured keeping him excited for my stories would keep him following me like a dog for days.

Howard was not bad-looking at all. Or probably because of the fact that he's so masculine, with cuts on his biceps that would make you drool for hours, he looked too damn much like one of those hot naked men on the web.

'Are you new? I haven't seen you in the office.'
'Oh no. Geez, no.' I was surprisingly nervous. I don't even like him.
'Oh... maybe I'm new.' He laughed. Great smile. Nice jawline.
'Yeah, yeah.'

How's that for a first conversation. Now I understand why people were just excited about this guy. He has this rare skill of flirting without even doing anything. A simple smile is intoxicating. And he looks at you straight in the eye like he cares so much about what you say.

'So, I don't know if you've been warned.'
'Warned about?'
'That this room only has a queen size bed.'
'ONE queen size bed?'
'Yeah, bad eh?'
'Well, let's see how big it is.'

We went inside and I showed him the bed. I was nervous that he would complain about how small the bed is. For me it is small since I have a king size bed back home. I am free to move around and grab my pillows and be in whichever side of my bed. Knowing that I'm 5'9 and he's much taller, I thought big men deserve bigger beds.

'It's not as bad as it looks.'
'Oh really?' I was surprised.
'Yeah, it's not like we need two of these in here.'
'You don't mind sharing?'
'No, do you?'
'No... no.. no... definitely not. Not at all.'

There were too many No's said there.

'I just thought, we're both--you know--big guys and ..well,'
'..and you're a bit bigger hahahaha...'
'I thought maybe you'd feel uncomfortable.'

He was silent. I didn't know what was going on in his head.

'Okay, so here's what we do.'

He grabbed my hand and pulled me to bed. I hesitated but he pushed me so I was lying down. I was completely immobile. He asked me to pretend like we're both sleeping. He was on the right side of the bed and I was on the left.

'See? We have so much space.'
'Uhm... yeah.'
'Do you snor?'
'Nope. I don't know. DO you?'
'I don't know.'
'We'll just let each other know if we couldn't sleep.'
'Yeah deal.' We were still in bed.

'Do you bite?' He asked.
'Excuse me?'
'The pillows... do you bite the edges?'
'Oh haha yeah when I was a kid.'
'Yeah me too. Actually I still do.'
'Oh yeah?'
'Yeah so don't be surprised if I suddenly bite you.

Awkward moment #69.