Thursday, May 22, 2008

the Trip - part trois

That awkward conversation with Hunky IT guy Howard resulted to a couple of sleepless nights. I'd imagine him biting my shoulder, thinking it was his pillow. Does he sleep in the nude? Or does he at least wear boxers? The room was air-conditioned so it gets pretty cold during the night. Will he put on something thick to cover his whole body? Or are we both going to stay under the sheets and gag about work at the end of the day?

You must imagine how tense I got that day. Fortunately, the day he arrived, he told me he had to visit some relatives so we weren't going to share the bed until the next day.

'But I'm leaving my stuff here.'
'Oh sure.'
'Hope you'll watch over them.'
'I'll guard them with my life...'
'Would you want anything? Pasalubong perhaps?'

Hmmm.... I didn't expect him to ask that.

'Err...uhm... sure.'
'So? What do you want?'
'Oh just get back here...' The words slipped out of my mouth.
'Excuse me?'
'I mean get back here... scary being alone here don't you think?'
'You're too old to be scared...'
'Yeah. Maybe. Just... yeah just get me anything.'

And he left. I texted Mike and he said he'd go to my room and ask what happened. I told him nothing happened and I think nothing ever will. The guy is obviously a flirt but I don't see a tripper in him.

'Even a blowjob?' Mike asked.
'Want me to try?'

So I wasn't interested in this guy before but Mike's obsession over him is somehow contagious. It was around 9PM when Mike left. I had to drag him out of our room because he insisted on waiting for Howard to arrive. I told him he's spending the night somewhere else.

I turned off the TV and tried to g to bed but I couldn't sleep. I was moving nonstop, trying different positions, thinking of how we're going to sleep in that bed. I sat down and tried to shake the thought off my mind but I couldn't.

Especially when I saw his large bag lying in front of me. My instinct told me to go through his stuff but I was afraid he'll find out. But then I remember touching my parents' things when I was a kid without them finding out. It's a skill I learned when I was younger. Much younger.

So I unzipped the black gym bag. The first thing I saw is a bunch of red bikini briefs. Interesting choice. Red. I grabbed one.... and slowly... put held it tightly... like me holding his bicep, or his thigh, then suddenly, without hesitating, I put the underwear on face, I tried to smell the UNUSED underwear, as if smelling the sweat dripping from his body.

Then suddenly...


  1. oh my, bitin na bitin na kami, please kai... marky

  2. fudge. super bitin naman. hehehe. keep it comin' kai :)

  3. hi there

    was wondering if you have any part 4 for this wonderfully exciting story :)