Sunday, May 4, 2008

the TRIP - part un

I was on a business trip once. My boss sent me and two of my friends to attend a seminar. We arrived at the place on a Monday but we didn't start working until the following week. We had the entire week to go out and party and of course, familiarize ourselves with the location.

My officemates/friends Mike and Jesse shared a room with two regular beds while I was left in a room with a queen size bed. The travel specialist advised me that I might have to share it with someone. I freaked out. I just hope the guy's hot.

Two days after, I woke up to the sound of my new ringtone. It was Mike, the 'gayest' one in the group. He was blabbing about this hot guy he saw at the hotel. He said his name is Howard and he's also there for the seminar.

Mike wasted no time and talked to Howard. Apparently, he is one of the hunky IT guys who once fixed our laptops when they mysteriously crashed -- all of them -- all at the same time.

'Howard who?'
'The tall guy in red!'
'He doesn't change his clothes?'
'No silly, he was in red remember?'
'When the virus struck?'
'Was it a virus?'
'Whatever... I don't remember.'

I honestly don't remember -- there were too many hunks in the IT department. In fact, there's many of them that they should think about changing their department's name. Apparently, Howard's room wasn't ready yet so he was asked to stay in Mike and Jesse's room just for until they figure out where to put him.

'You should have seen him! He was half-naked the entire night!!'
'So I'm guessing you two never got any sleep?'
'Jesse wasn't interested in him.'
'Oh good for you then?'
'Totally! Oh man, you should have seen his dick!'
'The guy just landed and you already saw his dick!?'
'Yeah, well not yet. I saw his huge bulge.'
'Morning wood?'
'A ginormous morning wood, Kai!'
'His dick was so angry it was trying to crawl out of his shorts!'
'Oh really now?'
'I swear I wanted to wake him up by sucking that fucking meat!'
'Easy now...'

This is why I sometimes try to avoid Mike. I'm afraid that if he doesn't contain himself, he'd get beaten to death by a gay basher.

'Let me just remind you, dear friend that this is Howard. The same guy who filed the harassment case against Wickety Faggotry... remember that?'

Wickety Faggotry was one of the closeted gay guys in IT. I always say 'one of' because I'm assuming there's more of them. During one of their team building sessions, he got so drunk. He went to Howard's room and took of his shorts while he was sleeping and licked his ass. Nope, he missed his dick. He was going ballistic by the time he reached the balls.

'And he was sending him messages saying how tasty his ass was.'
'Hey, I'm not like him. He's a fucking pervert!'
'And what do you call yourself?'

After about 15 minutes, I asked him to suspend the whole Howard discussion because room service was at the door. I asked him to hold as I opened the door.

'Kamusta? Jenny from Admin told me they ran out of rooms.'
'We-we're sharing?'
'Yeah, sorry for the hassle.'

I could hear Mike saying that he just heard Howard's voice.

And at that time, all I could think of was that one queen size bed we will be sharing... his ginormous hard-on, and a hot steamy night with the hunky IT guy.



  1. Very, very promising, lol...
    Another cliffhanger, kai.

  2. Wow. Sexciting... but scary as well. :-P Good luck!

  3. shit! so exciting...
    with the guy from eating out on the background. . yum

  4. what happened to the faggot? the one who harassed IT guy?