Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Anonymous

‘How could you do it with someone you don’t know?’

‘Well, it’s pretty simple. You get naked, engage in foreplay, fuck and reach orgasm.’

Wanda gave me an ugly look like she just saw someone lick elephant balls on Fear Factor.

‘And oh, never skip the part where you put on rubber and lube. It’s a given.’

‘Do even feel attracted to the other person? Are your feelings completely diminished while sexual urge takes over?’

‘You got it all wrong. You can’t have sex with someone if you’re not attracted to him. There ain’t going to be an erection.’

‘Hushhh… Will you keep it down. And don’t say that.., thing. Say – sleeping with someone.’

‘I can’t.’


‘Because there's hardly any sleeping. It’s fuck and go.’

The 6-month old pregnant colleague of mine was even more shocked. She thought she was going to get me on her side in the recent scandal involving another colleague who was recently caught being picked up by a stranger at the lobby. Sex with random guys. This has been happening for several months now and nobody had a clue.

About seven years ago, I would have asked the same questions. Back then, I was so naïve that the only place for sex that I had in mind was in the bedroom. Through the years, I have discovered—as well as experienced—that sex can be enjoyed in several other places: the stairs, the restaurant’s bathroom, the church, the fire exit of a condominium, and the basement parking of a residential building. That’s the great thing about sex, you get to be creative and so you get to enjoy it more.

I knew this when I met Fastcar.

The name isn't an alias I made up. He probably made it up. The truth is I really have no idea what his real name is. We met about three years ago online. He was a short guy, a bit beefy but not too muscled. And his being a bottom made it all so perfect.

The not-so-perfect part of it, aside from not knowing his name, is the fact that he didn't have a decent place to fuck. He lives in a condominium building near the police station and doing it in public is so fucking scary.

But I guess nothing really stops a horny top and a hungry bottom from heating things up. Their building has a basement parking and that's where we did it . In broad daylight, at around 2PM, we stood behind a Mitsubishi pick-up and got our freak on. He unbuttoned his pants while caressing my dick. He didn't want to kiss. I was busy licking his nipples which were undeniably tastier than it looks.

Since time was against us ( there was an office located in the basement and lunch time wasn't over yet), I told him I needed to fuck him fast. He pulled out a condom and a sachet which turned out to be a lubricant. I fucked him -- dogstyle -- standing up while he's leaning on the silver blue pick-up. The quickie lasted for about 25 minutes or thereabouts.

As if it wasn't enough, he asked me to come back at 9PM the same day for another round.

'There's not a lot of people so you can fuck me longer.'
'That's hot.'
'No, you're hot. You're dick is hot.'

And who am I to refuse. He was such an adorable guy who sure knows how to appreciate a good fuck. The second session lasted for almost an hour. He threw the condom at the back of a owner-type jeepney parked near the stairs. The steamy encounter wrapped up just before the guard did his evening rounds.


Fastcar and I have been doing this for three years. Yet, I never found out what his name was. Hell, I don't even know his unit number in that building. If someone were to ask me at the reception area as to who I was looking for, all I can say his Fastcar, the guy I fucked at the basement.

We tried several positions, most of which were done standing up. I never thought you can do a lot standing up. I realized you can if you're pressed for time and if the guards on the ground floor makes you shit scared you just wanna cum and just be done with it. One time, there were only a few cars parked and finding our spot became increasingly difficult. We had to stay behind a pick-up or an SUV since a car wouldn't be enough to cover our sweaty bodies while I pump his ass.

We improvised. He found a cardboard and we used it as our 'bed'. It was the first time we did it lying on the ground.

'You're wild.' He grinned.
"No, you are.'
'You like that?'

Of course I did. I enjoyed every moment we fucked together. When we finished, I tried to talk to him about giving me his name.

'Come on, just give me a name. I don't care if it's your real name or not. I just need to put a name on your face.'

He just smiled, wiped the sweat off his face and led me to the main entrance of the building. This went on for three years. Three years of not knowing the name of the young man you've been fucking. It's almost as if I was having a number of one-night stands in three years and waking up each morning surprised that the bottom you fucked last night took off faster than the mailman.

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