Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smallville Experience pt. 2

During the whole Smallville experience, I smoked tobacco. I liked it better than a Marlboro or a Winston. Smallville didn't smoke. So one time when he parked his Mitsubishi SUV, he asked me what I was holding.


'That's bad for your health.'

I blushed. Why would he say such thing if he really didn't care for my health. Things like this make my day. Smallville makes my day. So whenever I find time to talk to him, I would--even if it would cost me the important hours of sleep I needed for both work and school.

Our boarding house has a balcony. A note from the landlady says: 'Smoke here.' So I did. It was early in the morning and my pupils have barely adjusted to the rising sun. I lit my tobacco, puffed, and sat on the chair at the balcony. Then I heard a door open. I turned to see if it was the landlady. I hate seeing her because she always tells me to close the glass door as the smoke might get into her room and she might suffocate. It was the real intention of the boarders, including me.

But it wasn't her. Instead, Smallville's door opened. I saw the most beautiful smile I saw in many years. The more exciting this about it is that the man who wore it was half naked and was covered by a towel which hardly covers his entire body.


‘Hi, thought you were in school.’

‘ I was. But the professor didn’t show up so I’m here.’

‘So you’re taking a bath…again?’

‘Didn’t take a bath earlier haha! I was running late so I just wore my perfume.’



He went into the bathroom as I feel my dick throb. It’s nice to get the morning wood with double the sensation, thanks to a young, hot man who greets you in the morning. With every splash of water I hear, I imagine him naked in that bathroom, washing his face, then his neck, soaping his chest down to his abs, and then splashing water on his dick.

When he was done, I came in my pants. What came out was not a man but a Greek god who just got out of his daily bath at the Fountain of Youth. His hair was still wet and water was racing down from his soft hair. Instead of running to our room, he noticed me still at the balcony, this time without a tobacco. Did he find out that I was waiting for him?

‘Hey, you’re still here.’

‘Yeah. Hey, you workout?’ Obviously, a body like that would have given the answer right away. But he responded anyway.

‘Yeah but not the regular gym workout. I’m with the rowing team.’


‘Yeah. ‘

‘That explains the pecs.’

He giggled while running his hand across his chest, as if seducing me with his sexy nipples. I tried to look away but it was impossible. Smallville was a powerful force which cannot be resisted.


There were times when I asked myself if he was playing the usual closet gay’s game. Once, I was preparing my food for school in the kitchen, he started to talk to me again. This is the nice thing about him. He really likes to talk. I didn’t have a hard time finding an opportunity to spend time with him because when he sees me, he always had a story to share.

So on that particular day in the kitchen, I had another interesting conversation with him. He was wearing a basketball jersey, showing his huge biceps. If I had it my way, I’d ask him to take it off. It was pretty hot in the kitchen anyway. While I was slicing my food, he came a little closer, allowing his huge arms to touch mine. I felt a sudden euphoria. Then I thought maybe the kitchen was just too small for the two of us that’s why our skins have touched. Nevertheless, the feeling was exhilarating. There was nothing more I want than to be accidentally touched by the Greek god who lives in the same boarding house.


  1. wow. that was a very good read!
    im a big fan of tom welling.
    and i gotta say, imagining ur smallville was very arousing. hehehe

  2. Watch out for Smallville experience pt. 3. The story ain't over..