Monday, June 18, 2007

Nip/Fuck - Continued

The doctor asked me to turn around an bend over. He was going to stick his index finger into my ass. I was so fucking scared. To think, I have never even tried putting anything in my ass. He assured me that the he will use a 'good' lubricant. I told him to fuck off--in my head. Since I signed the form, the doctor was compelled to do the rectal examination.

'Is it REALLY going to hurt?'

'From your words of hesitation I gather that you haven't been finger fucked before.'

'Doctors use that term nowadays?'

'No, but technically it is called that.'

'Try to stick to the medical terms. Your own version is giving me the creeps.'

He put on his gloves. With a puckish smile on his face, he applied a big amount of lube onto his hands. 'See? The more the merrier.' He said sardonically. He seems to be enjoying the sight of my fat ass right in front of him. He tries to spread my butt cheeks as if saying hello to my asshole. 'Okay, just try to relax.'

But I couldn't relax. Especially when you know that a stranger's finger will be up your ass. Nevermind that he's a doctor. That fact doesn't make a difference. He tried to be as gentle as possible but my pain tolerance was close to 0.05%. My muscles started to contract. I moaned, not for pleasure, but because my legs became sore and my head was hurting just thinking about his finger or fingers in my ass.


'Husshhh. The next guy in line might hear you.'

'But doc! It REALLY hurts.'


He did this for the next four minutes. Oddly, halfway through the 'procedure', I felt something strange. A tingling sensation I wasn't expecting actually. My legs grew much weaker but there was some sort of a pleasurable sensation I felt along with it. The headache subsided and the doctor was now trying to maneuver his finger into something inside.

Suddenly, I came. And not just drops. My cock exploded.

The doctor smiled, as if relieved that the end of what was supposed to be a rectal examination, led to my unplanned and unepected orgasm. I didn't know what just happened.

'Okay, you seem to be feeling good. No, better now.'

'What was that about?'

'Did you like it?'

I stepped out of the office, not knowing how to compose my thoughts about what happened. A supposed painful medical examination turned into a pleasureable maneuver of the index finger in my ass. What the fuck happened?

Later, my doctor friend, who wished he was the one who did the procedure, told me it's called a PROSTATE MASSAGE.

'It's what we do to patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.'

'But I am not impotent... nor am I having problems in the crotch area.'

'I already figured that out by the time we started the third round a few months ago.' He kept bringing back the time when I slept with him. He liked me so much that he begged for a third round. The second was my idea. The third was a mercy fuck. Good thing the crotch area, like I said, is very much alive.

'Okay so why did he do that? Is it really part of the procedure?'

'Well, you said the doctor's obviously gay. I'm thinking he really likes you so he did it. Or...'


'Or it might have been an accident.'

'There are no accidents. Mistakes... yeah.'

'Not on this one. You see, this is why a lot of gay men, including myself, like their ass to be pounded. The cock, during the pumping action, touches a portion of our prostate, which produces the sperm in our testes. You don't need to completely touch the entire prostate. A mere accidental push will give a man so much pleasure that he may cum without warning.'

'So that's what you do to impotent men? You force them to cum?'

'Force is a harsh word. We help them cum. Just like when a Brazilian man jacks off on Cum Shots 4. They help us create the illusion while we jack off.'

'Uhm, I haven't seent Cum Shots 4.'

'You should. And Oh, also available are Cum Shots 1-3. Good stuff!'

'Will I miss a lot if I skip parts 1-3 and jump right into the masturbating Brazilian hunk?'


  1. finger fucked?? did the doc really said that? thats kinda creepy indeed.

    and that prostate massage? does that really work? i wished my urologist was gay so he would do that to me.. bwuahahaha

    and could it really make u cum by just massaging?? wow, im very much intrigue.

  2. actually, it does work. which explains why bottoms want to be fucked. the penis touches the prostate giving a pleasurable sensation

  3. wow, that's amazing.
    i thought seann william scott's sperm bank scene in road trip was exaggerated.

    hmmm... that is very interesting..

  4. yep, that's what they did to seann on the movie!