Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Caught at home pt. 2

I told myself that I should get my own TV and DVD player. These gadgets come cheap nowadays. Unfortunately, this happened four years ago when I was still juggling work with school and saving money was of huge importance my life. Usually, I would be staying in my boadring house near the campus. But on one particular Saturday night, I decided to go home. The maid is out so this would mean I have the opportunity to do something I've been wanting to do: watch PORN.

*** Five Days ago ***

Becky and I stood beside a busy Dunkin Donuts store. We figured we should act as inconspicuously as possible. What could go wrong? We were going to pretend like we were curious about the new porn industry born right in front of an abandoned building which is undoubtedly the hottest craze of the year. We slowly made our way to the 'inner circle' where a young boy was trying to make his best offer yet.

'Bold-Bold-Bold!' The boy said, pointing at the latest Boading House Scandal sequel.
'No...' I politely said.
'Okay then, Man to Man!'

I gave the boy a weird look while Becky tapped me. She was trying to tell me that this is the opportunity for me to get the DVD without anyone noticing. The young boy, obviously noticing how awkward I've become looked at the older man beside him. The man then talked to me.

'Well sir, if it's not for you, you can give this to your friends who are...well, who like men.'
"Pasalubong po."

Unbelievable. Since when did porn become the new millennium's pasalubong. The young boy reappeared saying they have a promo. 3 DVDs for 100 pesos. It was a pretty good deal. And with Becky's expertise in bargaining, she got another movie for free. She handed me the 100 and she chose the best titles.

'How did you know they were the best titles?'

'Well, you like it big right?'

When I got home, the maid was already gone. It was 9PM, my dad's car wasn't there yet. Everybody else's sleeping upstairs. THIS IS IT.

I turned on the DVD and TV. The inlay says it's 'The Best Cum Jocks'. It boasts off their actors' 9-10 inch cocks. I was thrilled. I haven't seen two men in action. Well, I have been in action but I've never tried being part of an audience.

The movie started out with a hetero couple, a rich couple from Malibu. In the middle of the night, a man wearing a black spy suit barged into their home. The husband got up to get some water. The wife suddenly yelled 'Thief!'. The husband dropped the glass in shock. The thief brought tied the wife's hands with a rope and pushed her to the chair. He pointed the gun at the husband.

'I don't want her to get hurt. I'll do anything you want.'

'Oh yeah, take off your clothes.'

Oh it's getting hot in here. The man took off his clothes as the man pushed him to the sofa so he could lie on his chest. He uttered 'Fuck you'. The man ignored him. I was shocked when the thief just got naked and put his dick in the husband's ass. The man was struggling at first but you can quickly notice that he liked what the thief was doing. They fucked in several positions and all of these were happening while the wife was happening.

Pretty good story.

As both men were about to cum, I heard my dad's car arrive. Scared, I turned off the DVD even when the movie was still playing. I turned it on again to get the disc. I grabbed the two other movies and ran into my room. Nervous, I felt a little dehydrated. So I went downstairs to grab a drink and to say HI to my dad.

'Hi dad, good night!'

He didn't say anything. He was probably tired. He turned on the TV and I went back upstairs.

The next day, I received a text message five minutes after my Psychology 101 class started. The professor was giving a lecture on how drugs affect the nervous system. On my cellphone was a text from my sister:

'You are the dumbest gay guy ever!' I replied and it started a whole testing spree:


'You left your porn DVDs here! Dad saw it!'

I didn't know what to day. I remember grabbing all movies. I thought of an alibi.

'Oh, it's probably the Campus Scandal. That's a straight porn.'

'No Kai. The CD's got a lot of cocks on it. And they're huge!'

At that point, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at my sister's statements. I did say I grabbed the two other CDs but I forgot that Becky had one other free CD due to the little boy's promo. FUCK! I am totally screwed, I said to myself.

Thank God I was staying in m boarding house and so I was able to avoid the biggest confrontation you can imagine. Five days after the whole incident, my dad and my sister had a serious conversation:

'Is Kai gay?'


'I think you know the answer.'

'Dad, I don't know. Is this about the porn you found?'

'I won't be mad. I just want to know so in case someone asks or someone makes fun of my son I'd know how to defend him.'

'Dad, I don't know. But you know Kai. He's not gonna go overboard. he's not a crossdresser or anything like that.

'So are you saying he is?'

'No I'm just saying I don't know.'

But she knew it. A few years before this incident happened I was drunk at a bar when she popped the question. I felt betrayed but it was the beginning of freedom.

Nowadays, I am more careful. I now have my own TV and DVD and I make my important purchases online or through someone I met on the internet. He sells gay titles, porn and even the popular US series and the best part of it is that he will meet you in private.

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