Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boarding House Series: The Smallville Experience pt.1

What do I love about Allan? Well, his physique is excellent. As a member of the National Rowing Team, he managed to stay in great shape. His pecs are bulging and his biceps just want to make you cum in a New York minute. His hair is soft and flowing and his smile is intoxicating.

'I wanted to cut my hair short but I figured I could grow my hair to look like that Smallville guy.'

That's how he got his name. Indeed, Smallville does look like Tom Welling. The body, shape of the face and even the smile are very similar. Only, he's darker that the Hollywood actor.

Inside our room are two single beds and a double deck. I was on the 'first floor' while the one on top isn't occupied yet. The single beds were occupied by Smallville and another student of the same university. When I first saw him, he was in the kitchen. he looked like he just arrived so I thought he was just a guest. LAter I realized that the girl she was with was the guest and he was my roommate.

The conversations started when I arrived home one morning. I was juggling school with a full-time job at the call center. You can just imagine how little time I spend in the boarding house. I sleep for four hours and jump out of bed to attend class. Then, I take a cab to the office and work the whole night.

But not on that particular Thursday. His smile greeted me and so I decided to stay in the living room to chat with him. He told me he's a Business Administration major and would be graduating that year. I told him I'm a Journalism major. I found out he's in the Rowing Team.

I also found out that he has a girlfriend. Only I didn't believe he's straight.

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