Thursday, June 14, 2007


What does it mean to be a Top or Bottom? Some people believe that choosing the role in a sexual play or a relationship is very psychological. If you choose to be dominant, you tend to be a top. If you choose to be dominated, you choose to be a bottom. Sometimes, I tend to disagree. Some tops love to be cared for and be passive while some bottoms just love their ass to get pounded. It's different in our world. Sex has a whole new meaning than just fucking and rolling over.

This was the topic of discussion on our way to the office. We were scheduled by the Human Resources department to undergo an annual Physical and Medical examination required by the company. I was with Tom, who describes himself as a 'power bottom who can eat your ass' on Guys4Men, and Cito, the 'Hard Top' on MIRC.

'You know, being a bottom has its advantages.'

'Oh yeah, what? Tell us.'

'You get that sensation when you get fucked. It's a feeling you can't describe.'

I always get scared when he talks about his sex life when we're in public. You just don't know what will come out of his mouth. I sat their quietly, while waiting for the nurse to hand us the forms.

'Aren't you afraid that the doctor's will see something in your ass?'

'Duh? I clean my ass every night.'

'You do? Ewww. That's the part of being a top that I really enjoy. You don't have to be the dirty one.'

'But you sometimes fuck a dirty ass.'

'Nevermind, lights are off and I ask the bottom to remove the condom while I hold my breath.'

Okay this conversation is definitely getting out of hand. The nurse was already looking at us, smiling while she probably imagines how Tom cleans his filthy ass. I decided to make fun of the situation:

'Aren't you afraid that since 80% of this city's guys have fucked you that your asshole just won't close one day?'

'Hahaha! Yeah! I remember Rei had diarrhea when he had 5 guys.'

'More like 8 or 9.'

The doctor called my name. He was short, probably in his early 30's, and obviously gay. He led me to one of the smaller HR offices. The glass windows were all covered so I figured each employee has to get naked inside. He asked me questions like what my allergies are, if I smoke or drink, and my family's history of illnesses.

He asked me to stand up. He pulled his chair to he can move closer and he held the button of my jeans.

'Uhm, what are you doing?'

' Oh, this is a physical exam. Sorry if I scared you. Please take off your pants. We'll check your penis.'

It was right then when I remembered checking the field on the form that says I agree to a genital and rectal examination. CRAP!

While taking off my pants, he gave me that look and asked, 'Do you workout?' I smiled and said I stopped. The love handles would attest to it. 'You look so young, how old are you?' The questions kept on going while I was nervous that my doctor was a sex maniac and I wasn't aware that I'm already being harrassed. The good thing is he hasn't touched me yet.

He put on the gloves and started touching my balls. 'You know Hernia is very common nowadays for guys your age.'

'Uhm, so are you saying I have it?'

'No, but it's a good thing you let me check your balls.' He smiled and looked down. 'At least now we know you don't have it.'

He held my penis which is at its lethargic state. 'Do you workout? Oh I believe I already asked that.' He asked a few more questions while he was analyzing my dick. He folded the skin away from the head. I can tell there was an attempt to masturbate but I really couldn't tell. After all, he's a doctor and he should be touching my dick to see if there's something wrong.


'What? What are those? Do I have STD? How come? I haven't been...'

'Relax. You're too nervous kid. I was about to say that people normally mistake this as a form of an STD. But it's not. These are just glands of the penis.'


(to be continued)

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