Saturday, May 19, 2007

Attempt # 2: pt. 2

Little did I know that there was a reason why Prof. Dora wanted me to come out and reveal my secret. My friend Jona was apparently the reason behind it. It happened one night when she got ridiculously drunk that she called Jona and asked if she can come over in the middle of the night. Of course, she didn't refuse. Neither did her parents. They all know her very well and the fact that she was calling in the middle of the night didn't bother them at all.

When she arrived, she was brought by her driver upstairs. She was able to climb the stairs but her speech was not at all clear. She definitely had a lot of beer. The conversation started with why she got drunk, went to politics, school activities, school politics. When they ran out of things to talk about, she just asked her a random question:

'Some people think I'm lesbian. Tell me Jona. Do you think I'm lesbian?'

'No, Ma'am. I just think you're a strong woman and that you're misunderstood.'

'Jona, Jona iha ... I AM.' She dropped her jaws in shock. This is a woman we all respect and she just came out in front of me.

The question is... why HER?

The next question was more bothering than the first.

'So tell me, Jona. Are you and Kai dating?'

'No, ma'am. We've been together since high school. We're just very good friends.'

'A lot of people seem to think he's hitting on you. I just laugh about it.'


'Clearly the guy is gay.' She laughed hysterically.

'I think not. He's just a.. well.. a kid. He won't grow up so everybody seems to think he's gay. Just because he doesn't have a girlfriend, it doesn't mean...'

'Whatever... HE IS, Jona. Believe it .'

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