Wednesday, May 2, 2007

High School Struggles

They say high school is the best time in a man's life. They didn't specify, though, if the 'man' they were talking about is straight or gay. Mine wasn't as exciting as the others. I actually thought I missed a lot. There were fun times and sad times but of course, the most important thing about high school is that I was growing up. I was in that stage of my life where I had to make the difficult decision: to be or not to be gay.

Was there a choice to begin with?

I had two best friends in high school. One guy and one girl. I can't tell which one of them is the closest to me. All I can say is, when I'm with a man, I'm a lot happier. I guess I answered my own question.

Edgardo isn't very tall. He's shorter than me, dark-skinned but he has this sexy attitude that make girls in the campus go gaga over him. He's undeniably well-off which, in high school, is not only a chick magnet but also a big cool group magnet. He was always the guy who knew how to rollerskate, who had a cellphone, who dressed like a millionnaire, who was linked to the hottest chick.

I never told him I was confused about my sexuality. So he was very open about his sex life. He kept sharing his fantasies which for him is like releasing without the sex. As for me, I was falling into the trap wherein the gay guy starts to like the his straight best friend.

One day after choir practice, he shared his wet dreams with me. Geez his stories definitely gave me a hard on. While at the patio he blurted out some stupid idea:

Edgardo: Hey, can you tell me how big is your dick?
Kai: Huh? Why should I?
Edgardo: I just wanna see who has the bigger one. Come on, we're best friends?
Kai: uh... Gee Ed, I don't know.
Edgardo: Okay, we have to make it harder first. THink of something sexy.

In my mind, I was thinking of him naked and touching himself. He was thinking of Sarah, the girl who was being linked to me.

Edgardo. I'm ready.
Kai: Okay.
Edgardo: But before we do this, can you keep a secret?
Kai: Sure, what is it?
Edgardo: I have a mole on my dick.
Kai: A mole? Like a mole?
Edgardo. Yeah... (he opens his zipper and pulls his dick out). Here.

I was shocked. To me, a mole on someone's dick was something unusual since I didn't have one. Neither did the cousin who molested me years ago.

Me: Wow.
Edgardo: Your turn.

I pulled out my dick. It was as red as a man who's been slapped a hundred times. This is definitely turning me on...big time.

Edgardo: Jesus! That's huge!
Me: Told you so.
Edgardo: Check out the size of this! (Edgardo holds my dick by the shaft and examines it.)

I was careful not to pull my dick in excitement. He held my dick for a few seconds, amazed at how smaller the size of his tool was.

'Fucking son of a bitch that's one helluva gun, Kai'

'Yeah and your mole's hot.'


'I mean, shot. Like was that shot by something? Did it bleed and turn into a mole?'

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