Monday, May 28, 2007

I wanted a Job

It was a gloomy Monday morning. Usually, I'd start my day by checking my mails while eating oatmeal for breakfast. I check my blog, reply to comments, read the online version of the Chronicle, check emails, visit Corbin Fisher, chat at guys4men, jack off with Antonio Sabato Jr.'s picture in front of me. This is my typical day. But today is slightly different.

I was running late for a job interview. I saw an ad on the paper last Sunday and I sent my resume immediately. The next morning, I received a text invite for an initial interview and a short examination. The building was a 15 minutes away from me if you were to travel at 2 in the morning. But it was almost 11 o'clock and the skies are showing signs of a storm coming soon. Traffic was already building up. I'm already late.

When I got to the building, I chewed on some mint and wiped my face with my hanky. The company is just starting up their business in the country so they were just renting an executive room. Room 29 was the last room in that hallway and it was probably the most quiet one too. I was expecting a lot of applicants waiting for their name to be called but instead, it was just me and this gorgeous, 5 foot 7 guy who introduced himself as Bruce.

Bruce is such a sexy name.

He was handsome and obviously gay. At first I thought he was a bit aloof but he started smiling and I felt more comfortable talking to him. I took an online exam for about an hour or so. Then, I waited outside for the results.

'Okay, you can come in now.' He was holding my resume while giving me a sexy smile.


'Tell me more about you.'

'I'm 24 years old. I am a writer for the Chronicle..'

'I know. I've read some of your articles. I like the one where you worked as a waiter at Friday's. That was hilarious.'

'Oh yeah? Wow. I can't believe people still read the newspaper.'

'I do.'

In my mind I thought I scored a point. But we weren't even done with the first part of my resume.

'So are you single or married.'

'Does it matter?'

'Maybe. The job is very demanding and we would want to avoid interfering with some of the applicants' chores.' He laughed. I didn't quite get the joke. Actually I wasn't paying attention. I was nervous and at the same time mesmerized by his dazzling eyes. I noticed that his biceps were huge too.

'Uhm--okay. Single.'



'Do you find me attractive?'

'Excuse me?'

'Top or bottom?'

'Uh.... I'm sorry Bruce I...'

Before I could finish, he got up, went for the door and locked it. I got up, shocked by what's just happened and what's about to happen in about a few seconds.

'You didn't answer the question.'

There was a moment of silence. I was still surprised by the way this conversation shifted from a serious job interview to a hot and steamy dirty talk and possibly one hot sex.


He took off his jacket and slowly unbuttoned his shirt, as if giving me time to think if I wanted it or not. Outside, the heavy rain started to pour and it got even colder inside his fabulous office. I decided if it were a gay movie, this would be the perfect setting for steamy session.

'I'm TOP.'

He ran towards me and kissed me. I grabbed his ass while he continues taking off his shirt. I pushed him to the leather sofa and asked him to bend over. He loosened his belt and took off his pants while I grabbed my wallet for my condom.

'Shit!' I remember I just used the last one last week and haven't bought another since. Bruce noticed and pulled his condom from his pocket.


He went for my crotch, held it tight while I moan in excitement. He unbuttoned my pants while I removed my socks. We kissed. Stopped. Kissed some more. He licked my earlobes and slowly went down on me.

He sure knows how to give someone a blowjob. Despite his obvious struggle of putting my entire meat in his sweet mouth, he managed to still play with his tongue while his lips were busy wrapping the shaft. He dove and went up. Dove and went up. At one point he concentrated on my head, as if fascinated by it, kissed it and gave me the best deep throat I've ever received so far. His tongue moved like a wild reptile trying to break loose. I moan more loudly while feeling every muscle on his biceps. I tried to find his nipples. After several attempts and the distracting sensation brought about by his talent in sucking my cock, i found the tip of his nipple and carressed it. I can tell he liked it.

I fucked him in different positions until all he could tell me is:

'I hope the my Boss hires you so we can fuck all night and day.'

'Do you get yourself fucked by all applicants?'

He giggled. 'For the record, I'm not a slut. I just find you cute and noticed your bulge. You made me hard the first minute you walked into our office.'

'Well, you're cute too.'

'Oh yeah. Great. Uhm.. what did you say your name was again?'

It was right then when I realized I will never get a job here. All I will probably get here is anot her experience in hunting for the best job in town and getting the best blow job instead of a real job.

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