Friday, May 11, 2007

i Dared to be OUT: Attempt #1

I was ready to accept the fact that I am gay. I know what I want and I know now how to get it. The problem is, how are my friends going to react? In high school, most mothers dreamed of having their daughters marry me. Who can blame them? To them, I am the intelligent, talented, witty guy who's the best in the whole class.

It doesn't surprise me that I became a part of a group of friends run by mostly ladies. By mostly, I mean I am the ONLY biological male in the group. They all thought I was straight, and they just kept asking me if I had a girlfriend. To a heavily closeted gay, I would have said 'Hell, I've got hundreds of 'em". But I knew better than to brag about something that ain't true. So I smiled, looked away , and changed the topic just like I usually do.

I was planning on telling them but choosing the right timing was becomin increasingly difficult. One time, Mary Jane and I were in her car. She kept telling me how disappointed she is about his new boy toy.

'He wouldn't make a single move! '

'Maybe you're just too--out there. You need to wait for him to come to you.'

'But when?'

At this point, I already made a conclusion. Mary Jane is no doubt one of the hottest creatures in the college. Not making a move on her means only one thing--Ty is GAY.

'I think he's gay.' There. She said it herself.

'Wel, maybe you need to find out.'

And she did try to find out. She was so into him that she could not wait for her to know the real score.
The truth is, I do know that Ty is gay. It takes one to know one. He's vain; he's into fashion; he cares more about his hair than sports; and he never made a move on Mary Jane for almost three years now.

I wanted to tell her myself but she was too consumed by Ty's sex appeal that I thought my revelation wouldn ' t even matter to her. Ty was obviously cute. Any guy or girl would want to be with the hot ass.

One day, I decided to put her out of her misery and tell her the truth. It's like hitting two birds with one stone: I'll be out and she can get the confirmation she wants about Ty's sexuality. But as I was about to let the cat out of the bag, I made one dumb mistake.

After she had a brief retouch, a noticed that she was wearing a cute dress. But instead of complimenting the dress, I decided to compliment her legs. They were lean and smooth, just like how I would want mine to be like.

'Wow, you really have nice legs, Mary Jane!' Then the inevitable happened:

' Ugh. You really ARE straight! I knew it!'

'Huh? Err--what did I do?

'Well, you noticed my LEGS. You know what? This morning I had breakfast with Ty and the first thing he told me is that he likes my shoes! What kind of straight guy would tell you that!'

I didn't know what the fuck I had to say to shut her up.

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