Monday, May 21, 2007

Attempt #2 pt. 3: Post Lesbian Talks

The next day, Jona and I decided to do a little shopping. She broke the news about what happened the other night. The part about her being drunk didn’t surprise me at all. Her being a lesbian? I suspected that from the first minute she walked into the room. I guess the reason why Jona is making a big deal about it was the fact that the whole class was introduced to each and every member of her happy family. She’s happily married to another journalist. Nobody had a clue.

The part she cannot get over with is when Professor Daria couldn’t stop talking about me and my supposed relationship with Jona.

‘It’s like she knew there’s something going on between us but we’re hiding it or something.’

‘That’s funny.’

‘I know. Wanna hear more?’


‘She was—like—convincing me to—like—stay away from you because…’


‘..because she said you’re gay.’

‘Huh? Why did I get involved in the first place.’

‘I don’t know, that’s what she kept telling me. You’re gay and that you’re just sort of using me to prove others you’re not.’

‘Do you believe her?’

She wondered for five seconds. She smiled and told me she didn’t. She said she knew me very well and that she thinks I’m not gay.

‘But it’s definitely a possibility.’

‘Excuse me?’

At this point we were ready to get off the train. There were all sorts of noises surrounding us. Her statements were definitely part of the whole big mess. I was getting irritated. I certainly know I am but I hate it when people keep rubbing in it like it’s supposed to be a big deal.

‘Come on now… I still would respect you.’

I tried to stop her right there. I was already looking exasperated and she might think I’m guilty. I smiled at her and said, ‘No. I’m not. Period.’



Jona and I havent’t talked in ages. When I saw that she’s online I IM’d her. I asked her how she’s doing. She’s not a pilates instructor for a well-known gym. I asked if she can give me tips on how to lose weight. She gave me a few tips. We ended up discussing her cursed lovelife.

‘Is there something wrong with me? If I don’t fall for an asshole, I fall for gay guys.’


‘My heart is so fucked up. There’s this hot guy at the gym and he kept looking at me. But no! He was looking at my freaking shirt. He said he liked it and asked where I bought it.’

‘Well, that’s a good way to start a conversation.’

‘Yeah, if it’s an ordinary shirt. You know what’s on mine? I KISS BOYS.’

‘Hahahahahaha!’ I was tempted to ask her where she bought it but I decided this ain’t about me. At least not today.

‘Quit laughing , okay? It’s not funny.’

‘Well, if you said he’s cute and all why can you not just give him to…’

‘Give him to who?'

‘A GAY GUY dammit.’

‘Like who? Shit. I hate giving away my fish..especially to a gay guy. Oh if you were gay I would haha!’

Wow. This was certainly an opportunity. We shared the photo online and yes, the guy’s a hunk! Definitely hotter than the sun.

‘Then why don’t you give him to me? Hahaha!’

‘Shut up.. you’re NOT gay.’

‘Jona, I AM.’

‘Shut up… ARE you?!’


‘Kai, you’re not okay? I know you. I know you VERY well. Sure you were confused at one point but I know you’re not.’


As I logged off, I smiled. I imagine our college days then I whispered, ‘Jona, you have no idea.’

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