Thursday, May 17, 2007

Keeping Secrets: Attempt #2 pt. 1

You can't keep secrets from Professor Daria. She once claimed that she's a clairvoyant, who specializes in palm reading and gems. One time, to get some extra points for her Journalism class, I attended one of her seminars where she tried to remove the negative energy of one guest through a pendulum -- with a purple colored crystal a nd a basin of water to cleanse the body of the subject.

It wasn't easy dealing with Prof. Daria. She was always looking at me like she knows my secret and she wants me to let other people know. She once told the class that she asked the previous batch to go around the campus and grab any piece of rock that appeals to them. When they got back, she talked to each student and explained why they chose the stones. Apparently, you choose them because the stones have something to do with your life.

'It works!' A student said. He said all his secrets were revealed by Prof. Daria.

I wanted to see if the whole thing was just a big joke. So one time, we went out and got drunk with her. We all asked her to read our palms. She told one student to back off because his black shirt is 'blocking my energy asshole'. Yes, she does use this language. When it was my turn, she said I'm keeping a lot of secrets. She wanted it to come out of my mouth. She gave me that ugly stare and she looked away. 'When you're ready..'

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